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BRAND: Aqua Clear

SKU: A624
UPC: 015561106245

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AquaClear 110 Zeo-Carb Filter Insert combines Activated Carbon and Ammonia Remover to remove odors, discoloration and impurities in freshwater aquariums. Exclusively designed for use in the AquaClear 110 Power Filter, the insert prevents the build up of toxic ammonia and nitrite reducing stress on fish. Net Weight: 11.5 oz (325 g)
  • For AquaClear 110 and "500"
  • Removes and controls harmful ammonia
  • Ideal for new or heavily populated aquariums
  • Absorbs liquefied impurities
  • Reduces stress on fish
  • Immense surface area for beneficial bacteria to populate
  • Intricate pore structure removes chlorine and heavy metal ions