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Delicious Braided Buffalo Bully Sticks

Experience chewing variety like never before.

Keep your dog happily chewing for longer periods of time with these braided bully sticks.

  • See how Bingo brand Buffalo Bully Sticks compare with other brands' Buffalo flavor sticks and you'll see why we chose Bingo.
  • For chewing variety, consider braided bully sticks vs normal sticks to give your dog a different experience.
  • Compare Buffalo flavored bully sticks with other sticks to see if your dog likes something different than just beef.

Most dogs are lucky to even get a bully stick treat or chew. So instead of chewing on bully sticks, they're always chewing on things they aren't supposed to because there's nothing else for them to satisfy their chewing urges. Instead, may we therefore suggest a braided bully stick for your dog to chew? The texture of these braided bully sticks is such that she'll satisfy her urge to chew for long periods at a time. The braided design of these bully sticks is engineered so they're easy to digest as they easily break up in your dog's mouth. Bingo manufactures these bully sticks in a mouth-watering buffalo flavor, too. Once your dog gets a taste of these bully sticks, she may not want for anything else!

Features & Benefits:
  • Made with 100% natural grass-fed buffalo meat
  • Low in fat
  • No preservatives or chemicals
  • Easily digested and promotes good oral health
  • Excellent source of protein

Ingredients: Made of 100% All Natural grass fed Buffalo meat