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Angels' Eyes Dog Tear Stain Solution

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 9:00:10 AM Etc/GMT+5

Angels' Eyes - Tear to Clear!I am an owner of a white 9 yr.old Lhasa who for years had very thick mucus coming from the inside corner of his eyes. I had to clean his eyes every day.  After using Angel Eyes for 4 days I noticed the mucus was all gone his eyes are brighter and the hair around his eyes that was blackish brown is now white.   Angels Eyes is the best product I have ever seen I love it. Angel Eyes was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who is a medical doctor and bought it for her two poodles. She loves it also. ~Lorraine, New Hampshire
Posted in Angels Eyes Customer Testimonials By Nick Carter

Angels' Eyes: A Safe Solution to Eliminate Pets' Tearstains

Monday, April 5, 2010 1:04:55 PM Etc/GMT+5

Angels' Eyes® is a revolutionary product that is created to eliminate unsightly tearstains (epiphora) from your dog or cat's eyes, which can sometimes be irritating. The product is also used to reduce or completely eliminate staining around your dog’s mouth and coat as a result of licking. The greatest feature of this product is its ability to work before the tearstains can even start to accumulate around your dog’s eyes. This product contains essential and safe elements such as protein, fats and fibers, with 100% pure chicken liver, beef, or sweet potato. The active ingredient in Angels' Eyes®, Tylosin as Tartrate, will prevent your dog from contracting Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and bacterial infections which causes excess tearing and staining. Tylosin binds with Porphyrin pigments and prevents them from binding with the animals hair. The amount given to the dog depends on their age and weight. While this product is safe for pregnant dogs, they are not recommended to puppies until they are six weeks old.  Angels' Eyes® is proven 100% safe for dogs and cats. There are no reports of toxicity with long term use and Angels' Eyes® is safe short term even if overdosed.. Learn more about the product at or by emailing
Posted in Angels Eyes By Nick Carter

Angels' Eyes Review

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 2:55:07 PM Etc/GMT+5

Angels' Eyes at WorkI first heard about Angel Eyes from a dog groomer. I looked it up on the internet and ordered my first small bottle. It worked great in about 2 weeks all stains were gone on my little white dogs face. When I went to reorder I found Value Pet Supplies and the Angel Eyes where a lot cheaper to buy from them. Since then I have ordered it all from them, the more you but the more you save. Now I'm giving it to the rest of my dogs to clear their eyes too. I love this company and Angel Eyes.

By sugardogy from So. Cal. USA on 1/31/2010

Angels' Eyes Review

Saturday, January 30, 2010 3:06:10 PM Etc/GMT+5

Bijans Love Angels' EyesI was worried that my dog might not like the chicken flavored Angel Eyes as she has only had the beef flavor before but she loves it. It worked fast. The large bottle was a good value compared to the smaller bottles.

By MB from New Mexico on 1/26/2010

Angels' Eyes Review

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 3:27:21 PM Etc/GMT+5

Maltese Before Angels' EyesMaltese After Angels' EyesI'm using Angels' Eyes on my two little dogs' food (one is a Maltese, one is a Maltese/Yorkie mix). They seem to love the flavor of it and theres definitely been an improvement in my Maltese's eye staining (other dog has dark face and hard to see stains). They arent totally gone yet, but significantly lightened and getting better as time passes.

By Courtney from Ann Arbor, MI on 1/10/2010