"I just had to write to tell you how impressed I am with your products, your business and your dedication to pets. Quality products at a reasonable price drew me to your website, but the support you are offering to rescues and the stray pet population, sent your business over the top for me! What a wonderful, selfless mission!  My three kids, Gooch, Gabby and Bubba love the treats I have purchased from ValuePetSupplies. They are all, what we refer to as “Low-Riders” and we have to pay special attention to correct nutrition now to keep them healthy and arthritis free in the future. The Trachea Moo Tubes you offer are very rich in chondroitin and glucosamine. I would much rather give them a tasty, nutritious chew than a pill or powder any day. In our local stores, I have found the same tendons sold individually for up to $4.00 each, but you offer such a reasonable price that even multi-critter homes like ours can afford to give our animals top shelf treats. Thank you for your dedication to quality, price, service and to our pets. I know I can always turn to ValuePetSupplies for the best deal around!" -Judy H.  Prescott, WI