I was hesitant to order in bulk from you as I only have 2 dogs. However, I bit the bullet and plunked down $140 for a ton of buffalo liver jerky and turkey patties. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that I did!

"Skunk", the one-eyed epileptic husky/malamute


One of my dogs is a malamute/husky with epilepsy. He must be on an all-meat diet; any grains or sugars and he will experience seizures. It's so wonderful to buy the buffalo liver jerky from you and know that it's made in the US and doesn't contain any additives or fillers. He lost his mind over it! I didn't think he could be any happier until I gave him a turkey pattie...OMG, he acted like a puppy with it, pouncing on it and tossing it in the air! I've never seen him do this with anything before. And he's 13 years old!


My other dog is a chihuahua and she was beyond thrilled with the buffalo liver jerky and turkey patties. Keeping the finicky little one happy is tough but these treats sure tickled her fancy.

"Sophie" the chihuahua.



To top it all off, my kitty cat, Tater Tot, literally crawled into the box to eat some of the buffalo liver jerky (pic below)!



Your ordering process was incredibly easy, your shipping was extremely quick, and your quality is outstanding. I couldn't ask for more. I will most definitely be a regular customer and will recommend you to every dog/cat owner I know.

Best Regards,
Pflugerville, TX

"Tater Tot", the kitty and "Sophie"checking out the new delivery of buffalo jerky.