LucyBack in the summer of 2007, Samantha and I were considering getting a dog.  Samantha had never had a dog before, and she wanted a Boston Terrier.  After talking with breeders and prodding me who grew up with many dogs, I called her bluff and dared her to take a trip to the local shelter and perhaps adopt.  So off we went to the local shelter where hundreds of abandoned and stray dogs await adoption, or to be put down.  After walking past dozens upon dozens of large breeds barking for us to pick them, we came upon Lucy sleeping in her kennel.  She perked up, and put on a delightful show thus charming us to adopt.  In her prior lives, Lucy was a neglected dog, chained with pit bulls and larger breeds.  She was then adopted by a woman suffering from mental illness, who abandoned her to her neighbor, then left town.  The neighbor brought her to the shelter where she remained mostly confined in a small concrete kennel for 90 days before adoption.  She was days from being put down.  Now she lives an amazing life with her adoptive parents, and fellow adopted pets Lefty, Penny, and Mr. Pink.  You would never know she had a bad day in her life.  Her positive outlook and determined optimism inspired Samantha and I to become advocates for pet rescue and adoption, using our roles at as a platform to promote and sponsor pet rescue and adoption.  Well done Lucy!