Every animal that enters the shelter will pull at your heartstrings & everyone once in a while they absolutely steal your heart! That was the case with Click...a black Pit Bull Mix that was brought to AS by a citizen who virtually wanted to dump and run. Claiming she was a stray...they literally left her trembling in the shelter's entrance way...not wanting to budge. What we came to discover....was that Click was blind...not something we come across everyday. Thankfully the shelter I volunteer at is full of loving and talented staff who immediately appealed to her sense of smell, touch & sounds. This dog had obviously lived with this condition for some time...possibly since birth and came out of her shell once in the hands of our caring staff.

Concerned for Click's future and figuring that finding an adoptive family for a blind dog would be a long shot...I immediately started researching online resources & rescues for blind animals. I did come across a great organization http://www.blinddogrescue.com/home.html and immediately received a reply to my inquiry...which promised some guidance and assistance. Clearly blind animals lead wonderful lives and are valued family members.

Sometimes things do work out. Only a week into Click's stay at Animal Services a family that had adopted from our shelter last year...came to the shelter looking to add to their family. With the help of the kennel staff they were introduced to this special dog. Click...now known as Cookie did her magic and was adopted into the Thompson family.

Postscript: Cookie was clearly the gift that kept on giving...and a month after her adoption her new family reported she has given birth to 7 puppies (she was such a skinny girl at the shelter....we just had no idea). Additional good news relating to her eyesight, her vet believes her condition is not total blindness...but she has a neurological disorder which can be cured with regular amounts of cortizol medication. Once Cookie has nursed her pups and gets her spay surgery done, the family will start her sight recover therapy!