Brady Rescued by ValuePetSuppliesBrady was like many hounds. If they can no longer hunt, they are often abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The dogs of a man named Lee actually found Brady. She was curled up in the leaves in the woods just trying to keep warm. Lee brought Brady home and gave her some food which she gobbled up.

Lee already had three dogs of his own and knew that he couldn't provide a forever home for Brady so he promptly contacted his neighbor, ValuePetSupplies employee, Ron Nelson.

Brady was a great dog – tired and very hungry from her journeys, but didn't seem like a dog that would just stray away from home. She loved everybody and all the neighbors' dogs although occasionally chased a cat or two! We did notice that when you bent down to pet Brady, she would cower a little, but she never bit, growled or snapped – even if you took away her food! Ron and Lee tried to find Brady's owners just in case she had wandered away, but it soon became clear that no one was going to claim her.

Ron and his wife, Sarah, began hunting for a new home for her. After about a week, a couple came forward looking for some company for their aging rat terrier. They had a beautiful farm, were avid Patriots fans and seemed a perfect match for Brady.

We took Brady to Livingston, TN, veterinarian, Tiffany Krantz, to get her vaccinated, checked out and wormed. Upon examination, Dr. Krantz postulated that with all the dirt in Brady's ears (and there was a bunch of it!), her former owners may have assumed that she was losing her hearing thus making her a poor hunting companion.

Brady was dropped off at her new home this week where she is quickly settling in. She is enjoying her new crate and blankets and making friends with all the chickens, horses and cows. Her new owners, Bruce and Sarah, say she snores like semi-truck!