Since launching in 2007 as an extension of the Piech Family eBay business, nearly ten million ValuePad Puppy Pads have been sold and shipped to a rapidly growing base of happy customers. ValuePad Training Pads for dogs are a great solution for busy couples who can't let dogs out while at work, but want to care for their pets need to go without ruining the floor. ValuePad pooch pads are highly absorbent and designed to prevent leakage. Premium ValuePad doggy pads feature attractant to lure the dog to the pad, plus baking soda to minimize odor, and a special polymer to increase absorbency. ValuePads come in various sizes such as our small dog puppy pads at 17 by 24 inches to larger sizes for larger breeds or multiple dogs. In addition to our best-selling ValuePad brand, ValuePetSupplies also carries ultra premium brands such as Four Paws, ClearQuest, and Clean Go. Here's a picture of our newly expanded Puppy Pad fulfillment area at our warehouse in TN.

Puppy Training Wee Pads