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Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks

At Value Pet Supplies, all our top-rated bully sticks are always on sale so you can afford to treat your dog to a daily chew stick. We have several types of thicknesses to match your dog's mouth. Our jumbo bully sticks are ideal for large dogs and will keep them occupied chewing away for awhile. Some packages have more traditional bully sticks in them, while others come in slices, twists, or curls to give your dog variety High in protein and low in fat, these sticks will fully digest and keep your dog healthy .They won't even realize as they're happily chewing away that their teeth, gums, and breath are all benefiting from these sticks. You'll enjoy the discounted pricing as you buy them in bulk, though! Feel assured buying from us as our sticks are 100% all natural and contain no chemicals or additives. Make sure to supervise your pet while they're chewing on any treat and always make sure plenty of water is available. So go ahead and be a hero to your dog by buying a bunch of bully sticks now!