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Eheim 2075 158G Ultra G 160 Pro 3 w/ Media Canister Filter

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BRAND: Eheim
SKU 2075370
UPC 720686202368

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Regular Price: $275.76
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The Pro 3 Ultra G 65/90/160 canisters couple the newest Eheim filtration technology with an award winning, sleek, exceptionally user friendly style. The entire Pro 3 Ultra G family has been designed to bring the aquarium water immediately into contact with the coarse filter sponge, removing the gross particulate and allowing for a more pristine biomedia environment. The large prefilter positioned directly beneath the pump head allows easy intermediate cleaning and has proven to increase efficiency and prolong the interval between required major maintenances.

  • Reliable powerful output
  • Smooth running and quiet
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Sleek new design
  • Large pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning and extra long service life
  • New priming principle
  • Recessed handles, 4 large sturdy clips
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator
  • Exceptionally secure valves are easy to connect and reconnect

Accessories Included:
2x suction hoses, 1 x spray bar, outlet pipe, EHEIM quality hose, set-up accessories

Media included:
1 fine, 1 coarse pad. Efhi Mech and Substrate Pro

  1. Quiet and good flow Review by John
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    I have three filters on a 135 gallon planted tank and this replaced an older filter that was loud and hard to start.
    The output runs through a uv sterilizer and it still has good flow.
    You need to put your hand on it to tell if it is running, something you need to do with an Eheim.
    Thinking about upgrading my classic 2217 to another 2075 for the extra flow and the pre filter on top.

    (Posted on 11/2/13)

  2. Excellent Review by djet
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    Youcan't go wrong if you buy from Value Pet Supplies. The service is superb. (Posted on 12/23/12)

  3. Water cleaning on steriods Review by Michael
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    I have used Eheim products for more than 30 years. This is an outstanding filter. I recently purchased the Eheim Classic 2215 and was majorly impressed. The Eheim 2075 just tops it, It is very easy to install and priming is fairly easy when adding water into the tube via the intake valves of the setup kits 1 & 2. Total setup time including cleaning filter media was about 1 hr.
    The filter operates smoothly and very quietly. A must have, two thumps up.

    As improvement, I would have preferred 2 more feet in tubing.

    Many thanks to the Valuepetsupplies team - ultra fast delivery. (Posted on 12/22/11)

  4. Excellent choice! Review by novice
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    I did a lot of research on canister filters before choosing this one. Another cheaper brand I was considering had poor customer support (little help on their websites). My purchase of the Eheim was worth every penny. The filter is very quiet and well designed. The prefilter is easy to take out and clean, extending time between more involved cleanings. It was purchased for a 90 gallon aquarium for 2 painted turtles, but is currently on a 40 gallon tank. The water is clear, an immediate improvement over the hanging filter that quit working. It is easy to take apart and service. Value Pet Supplies had the best price and great service. If/when I need another filter, it will be another Eheim. (Posted on 7/28/11)

  5. Great Filter Review by NSILVA
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    [...] (Posted on 3/10/11)

  6. [...] Review by Onkyodude
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    I love Eheim filters....and this was the best deal and value bar none. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  7. The name brand says it all Review by DCH
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    I have a 100g mbuna cichlid tank set up. They are beautiful but messy fish and need good filtration. So after much research and other customer reviews I choose the Eheim Pro 3 2075 cansiter filter. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. The filter instructions were easy to understand and setting up was a breeze. Love that it included the eheim updated intake and return tubes and of course all the filter media was a great plus. The pre-filter installed at the top of the canister for easy removal and cleaning was another reason why and I choose this product and of course the eheim reputation. I have my tank set up in the family room and the filter is not in a cabinet, it is so silent that I have to look at the return spray bar water movement to see that it is running. I was so happy with my filter that I purchased a second one for my 50g tropical fish tank which is also in the same room. Great product. Very satisfied with my purchase. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  8. Great filter! Review by E
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    This is a great filter and a great value. I have two Oscars in a 75 gallon tank and they are pigs! This filter keeps my tank crystal clear and is very easy to use. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  9. 1st class for a turtle tank! Review by D-squared
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    The decision was down to an Eheim II or Eheim III and weeks of internet searching didn't really help. Everything talked about fish - what about a turtle?

    I have a 3.5" female RES overdue to move out of a 10G tank. She's going to get a lot bigger and as you know their toilet habits aren't the greatest. How much filter is enough? She's now in a 40G breeder tank with approx 14G of water on the Eheim III 2075. I wanted a good looking, quiet filter (since it will be exposed) with lots of capacity. Eheim III won out because it's a newer design, a little cheaper for a given capacity, has the prefilter, uses less power, is supposed to prime a little easier, and the latches looked sturdier. Still, the EII had the flow meter, good looks, and a very solid history.

    Priming was a big question. These filters are designed to prime with the water level no more than 4" below the highest point in the system. You can't do that with a turtle tank because they are at most half full - maybe 10" below the edge of the tank. The Eheim fittings make that a breeze. Fill the aquarium a little higher than you want it to end up (the filter is still empty). Cap the pickup tube with plastic wrap and a rubber band making sure it's below water level. Remove the screw cap from the cleanout at the top fitting and fill the intake hose with a small watering can. Reinstall the screw cap, remove the wrap, open the valves and punch the primer a few times. The filter primed itself in under 30 seconds. Nice!

    It typically keeps the water clear running at about half speed. My power meter is reading 10 watts. The water output pipe is also designed for high tank levels. I aimed it against the glass and have a nice waterfall on the back of my tank. I just did my first clean out the other day. Thankfully it really is as easy as they say.

    If you're in the same state of confusion I was, I really hope this helps! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  10. Great filter, but tough to get going Review by Chris
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    It was very easy to setup, pretty straight forward stuff, a couple tubes and fittings all of which assemble easily.
    All the parts seem fairly high quality, except I did notice a subtle crack in one of the lid clips (probably my fault -see below) I will need to replace at some point, but doesn't interfere with operation.
    WARNING - Getting it started the first time was like trying to start a 56 Chevy which has sat for 15 years! I followed the instructions exactly, and I'm not sure if it is because I bought an additional 7 ft tube (comes with 8ft, which isn't enough in my opinion) for my setup location, but I thought the filter was broken, because it just wouldn't start flowing. It just made ugly sounds like the impeller was shredding. Ultimately in my opinion there was a vaccuum created in the filter which prevented water flow, and the "Prime Pump" was almost unhelpful to correct the situation.

    Once the beast started, it was a big "ahhhh" moment of relief. This thing moves water around my 75 gallon tank very well. I put the output spraybar on one side of the tank on the top and pointed all 3 toward the other side of the tank. Originally I placed the intake on the opposite side of the flow, but currently (nothing in the tank yet really) I have it on the same side as the spraybar, because I could see little particles moving in a circular fashion from the spraybar, off the far side and down to the gravel and then flow back to the other side.

    What's that noise? well it's my 10 gallon HOB filter on the other side of the room! This thing is DEAD QUIET, literally my tiny HOB 10 gallon rated filter makes more noise!

    Ultimately Eheim lived up to its reputation so far, worth every second of the frustration to get it going the first time! By the way, I have since unplugged it and plugged it back in without any issues restarting it. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  11. Great Filter - SO Quiet Review by Ciclids Rock
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    I would buy this again! Its great to loose the biowheels. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  12. [...] Review by D
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    Excellent filter. Very quiet. (Posted on 3/10/11)

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