Kong Air Dog Squeaker Ball Small 3 pk $3.03: MADE IN THE USA ValuePetSupplies.com

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Kong Air Dog Squeaker Ball Small 3 pk

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Air KONG is making some noise! Air KONG has combined two classic dog toys; the common tennis ball, and the squeaker toy to create the exceptional Air KONG Squeaker. KONG's durable, high quality Squeaker tennis ball is covered in a nonabrasive tennis ball material that will not wear down dog's teeth. All squeaker units are hidden and covered by the tennis ball fabric creating a clean, finished look.

For Small dogs/puppies only--Measures approx 2 inches diameter

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  1. The dogs love them! Review by Loni
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    We live where there is no option to purchase these locally, so being able to order them online at a great price is fantastic!
    We bought 4-3 packs xsmall and 4-3 packs small.
    It would have cost $6 a pack ($48) at PetSmart 60 miles away.
    We have an adult Chorkie and a 3 month Shih Tzu.
    Cujo, our Chorkie, removes the squeaker within 5 minutes, but he still enjoys playing with them and Molly is now discovering the fun!
    Extremely happy with ValuePatSupplies.com!
    Will be placing an order for our daughter's border collie for Xmas! (Posted on 10/12/13)

  2. 2" size good for small dogs - but squeaker easy to remove Review by Mr. E. Shoppa
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    Product KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball Small 36pk (12 x 3pk)

    My little 12.5 lb Maltese loves these balls - unfortunately he also loves to remove the squeaker. It takes him a day or two, but he always eventually removes the squeaker - and he just throws it on the ground. Barkley is so intent on this that in the middle of a walk, he will just sit down and try to find the squeaker, first, then he chews around it until he can get a grip on it. So, my only suggestion for the manufacturer would be to more permanently attach the squeaker to the ball, if it's possible. (Posted on 7/21/13)

  3. Great squeaky ball for small dog Review by Ripleydachs
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    Product Kong Air Dog Squeaker Ball Small 9pk (3 x 3pk)

    Ripley a mini dachshunds loves these squeaky balls. They are just the right size for his mouth. Great for both chasing and squeaking. (Posted on 3/10/13)

  4. Fred's favorite toy Review by Rach A
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    Product KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball Small 36pk (12 x 3pk)

    Our little man Fred loves these balls. If he knows we have new ones, he'll stare at the bag obsessively until we give him one. He then runs around squeaking it until he breaks the squeaker. Then he tears all the fluff off. He plays 'hide it, find it' with it, using shoes or a blanket to 'hide' the ball (then he 'finds' it) and he pounces on it like it's a small animal trying to escape his clutches. Hours of fun. We've bought literally 100s of them.

    Might I add that the service from Value Pet Supplies was excellent too - very prompt delivery - much appreciated! (Posted on 1/30/13)

  5. Our little dogs love these! Review by Jan
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    The dogs love these. They are small enough for little dogs to play with easily (Posted on 3/10/11)

5 Review(s)

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