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Nylabone Dura Chew Big Chew Knot Original 7"

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BRAND: Nylabone
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Nylabone Big Chews are designed to stand up to the chewing habits of the biggest dogs and the toughest chewers. Super-tough Nylabone Knot dental chews are designed for strong chewers. These therapeutic, hambone flavor infused-bones are made of strong, virgin Dupont nylon, which are safer than abrasive bones, rawhide products, and other plastic toys. 7" long round bone with knots at both ends, like a rawhide bone. Durable, pacifying, and great for playing.

The Big Chew Knot is 7"

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  1. My puppy is happy Review by Peace
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    Super fast delivery. I will stay with this company and order every few months these bones. My three-year-old dog loves them I change them out once a month (Posted on 2/22/14)

  2. Durachew Big Chew Knot Review by Scooterjoey
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    Product Nylabone Dura Chew Big Chew Knot Original 7" 3 pk

    We have two power chewer bullies. We go through a lot of Nylabones at our house! This is our first time purchasing the knot style and are not disappointed. They are durable and the dogs seem to like them. I love that we can buy your products in bulk and the free shipping and customer service can't be beat! (Posted on 9/2/13)

  3. Greaaaaaaaaaaaat Review by Kate
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    Product Nylabone Dura Chew Big Chew Knot Original 7" 3 pk

    We have a Great Pyranees and a Retriever mix who both love to chew on these bones. I have been purchasing the same Chew Knots for our dogs for more than 15 years. Value Pet Supplies is a wonderful place to purchase. Shipping is quick and the kids do not have to wait for the next bone. (Posted on 5/20/13)

  4. Great Product!! Review by Very Pleased.
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    This bone lasts and the dogs love it. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  5. My dogs won't touch it. Review by Naturenut
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    I have an older Great Dane mix and a 10 month old St Bernard mix - both do a LOT of chewing. While there are nylabones they love, they are absolutely not interested in this one. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  6. Just love it . Review by Dawn
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    If the chicken leg is not around then they will chew on this bone and still love it. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  7. Great Chew Toy Review by Steve
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    Puppy loves to chew, and nylabones are about the only thing she doesn't destroy in 30 minutes. Would highly recommend at least 1 for a young dog. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  8. Most loved nylabone yet! Review by Farmer Wilson
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    My 80 pound mixed breed with powerful jaws loves this bone more than any other nylabones we have tried. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  9. Awesome for power chewers. Review by Big Scott
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    I have two American Staffashire Terriers (Pit Bulls).They love these bones as if they were the real thing. These are the strongest bone shaped toys I have found. So worth the price. And this is not the first time i have bought these and it sure will not be the last. (Posted on 3/10/11)

9 Review(s)

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