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ValueBull 100 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

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BRAND: ValueBull
SKU SM06MD-100
UPC 856842002586

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Regular Price: $162.99
Sale Price: $129.99
Compare At: $185.99

See Why Pet Owners Enjoy our Lightly Smoked Bully Sticks

  • Our bully sticks are the best bully sticks for dogs since they're free range bully sticks. They're long lasting dog chews that are USDA approved, Contain No chemicals,No Additives, and are Grass-Fed.
  • Free of harmful antibiotics & hormones,Raised From North & South American cattle, human grade processing.
  • Lightly Smoked Bully Sticks are long lasting dog chews delivering a gratifying chew
  • Bullysticks help to reduce tartar and sustain your dog's teeth and gums.
  • Our Bully Sticks are all natural dog treats. Produced from all natural beef, each bully stick dog treat is fully digestible, and contain low fat, high protein.
  • ValuePetSupplies is unique in hand measuring each bully stick for constant thickness. Choices range from Regular, Medium, Thick and Jumbo Bully Sticks! Please allow for natural variation.
  • Our top notch bullysticks are prepared and baked properly, ensuring extremely low moisture content, resulting in low odor bully sticks. Please allow for normal variation in crunchiness,chewiness and dryness.
  • is Family owned and operated - Delivering quality Pet Supplies since 2004.
  • When giving dog treats, supervision is always recommended . Always offer plenty of fresh water


  1. Overall Very Pleased Review by Anna
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    Love the price and product! Some of the sticks in the 100 count seem to be more on the regular size than the medium size. Ordering, shipping, and receiving were all excellent! (Posted on 9/16/14)

  2. Great Product Review by Cynthia
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    My English Setter -Bella Goes nuts for the Bully Sticks... Possibly the best time of the day for her is when she gets her Bully. Compared to Pet Store prices, these are well worth the price and the savings are awesome. Shipping is usually free and the Bully Sticks arrive at me home within days. Bella gives 4 paws up on these great treats (Posted on 9/13/14)

  3. best bullies Review by Sparky
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    Product ValueBull 10 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    I was a tad disappointed that you discontinued the 25 count bag of medium 7 inch bullies. I settled for two 10 counts, and found the product thinner and my dog eats it iN minutes. BRING BACK THE 25 COUNT!!!! Product code: SM07MD-25 I'm beggin' ya'! (Posted on 8/13/14)

  4. Good treat... Review by ND
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    However, I think your site should update as to where they come from. They are not from North or South America (as I was told it is very difficult to get them from there now) but are from India and Brazil. With the previous scare of dog food products from other countries, I think it is best to be up front about where the sticks come from. (Posted on 8/12/14)

  5. Awesome product, awesome deal!! Review by LadyPzaz - Penny's Mama
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    Our minpin, Penny, loves bully sticks and I had been buying them from our local pet chain store at double the price when on sale! So glad I searched the internet and found a forum that gave me your link!! Fast shipping, excellent quality as described, and low odor too! We couldn't be happier and will buy from you again and again - thanks so much!!! <3 (Posted on 7/19/14)

  6. Quality products and service Review by Sami
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    My dogs and I enjoy these well packaged, high quality bully sticks and the great customer service! (Posted on 6/8/14)

  7. Great product and service Review by Carolyn
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    My dog loves these bully sticks...he has to have one after his dinner, or he won't leave me alone. Value Pet Supplies ships with lightening speed! (Posted on 4/4/14)

  8. Great value Review by Patz
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    I've been purchasing these bully sticks for my dogs for a few years now and I buy the 100 piece value pack. They are a great price and my dogs live them! (Posted on 3/31/14)

  9. Excellent Value Review by Boatbuilder
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    The sticks are high quality and an excellent value for the money. Shipping is always very prompt. (Posted on 3/28/14)

  10. Excellent Bully Sticks Review by Sandy
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    My three Staffy love these bully sticks and it doesn't have the odor like other bully sticks that I had purchased in the past. I'm a repeating buyer on the bully sticks!! (Posted on 3/26/14)

  11. Great treat Review by Great Danes
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    My Great Danes love these, but prices on these have really gone up in the last 6 months. I will have to find other types of treats. (Posted on 2/28/14)

  12. Great deal Review by TG
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    As described I would buy these bully sticks again. (Posted on 2/17/14)

  13. good product Review by Lisa
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    I have a 5# and 58# dog. the 6inch sticks are good but the thick ones lasted longer for the bigger dog than the medium ones did. These bully sticks are a great treat for my dogs. Buying in bulk from valuebull helps with the cost. Delivery was quick with both of my orders. I would recommend valuebull. (Posted on 12/1/13)

  14. Best treat ever Review by Happy Campers
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    Product ValueBull 10 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    These bully sticks are a fantastic treat. My Bruno, a 22 pound supposed to be a mini Dachshund absolutely loves these bully sticks. Every evening he stands in the kitchen waiting for his bully. I take out a few at a time and he picks the one he wants. They keep him busy for quite awhile. Can't beat the price along with the free shipping....great deal ! (Posted on 11/24/13)

  15. Great Sticks Review by Westy1
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    These sticks are an excellent value, given they are made from free range cattle and are chemical free. I might buy one size up next time as my Westie goes through one stick in about 20 minutes! (Posted on 11/2/13)

  16. So-so Review by taffy' mom
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    Taffy liked some of the bully sticks; some she hardly touched. They all came from the same package. (Posted on 10/22/13)

  17. Great deal Review by Barneythecorgi
    Your Rating

    Great taste and healthy treat for my dogs and the price is right (Posted on 9/28/13)

  18. excellent choice Review by joecal
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    So glad I found these bully sticks, my puggle loves them and it's saving me a bundle compared to what I've been paying at the pet stores. (Posted on 8/31/13)

  19. My dogs love them and the price is reasonable. Review by missy
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    My dogs are big.....85lbs and 65lbs. I get the medium because no matter the size, they finish them in a matter of minutes. Their ears shot up when I opened the shipping box.....then they did their bully stick ode to joy you might call it. This is my second order.....and I also get a pound of short sticks for "good dog" rewards. (Posted on 8/22/13)

  20. Worth the money Review by Suprdave62
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    Healthy treats that are economical too! (Posted on 8/14/13)

  21. My dogs love them Review by Bloodhound lover
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    Not a lot bigger than the regular. My dogs love them but can eat one in about 30 seconds (Posted on 7/24/13)

  22. Good enough Review by Chris
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    Product is good, price is still a bit high (Posted on 6/16/13)

  23. Great deal on Bully Sticks! Review by Sindy
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    I have paid up to $120 for 100 sticks at my local pet shop. This is a fantastic find for me!! (Posted on 6/3/13)

  24. Review by Dylan's Mom Review by Dylan's delight
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    We first heard about bully sticks from the Dog Whisperer on TV. Dylan is a 10-pound ChiApso, but he is an aggressive chewer. He can eat a 6-inch bully stick in about 15 minutes. He loves them and they keep his teeth so clean! I've priced them at the pet stores and at other sites online, but I haven't been able to beat the price. And the free shipping is really quick! (Posted on 4/1/13)

  25. Great product Review by JR
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    I've been buying these for a long time. My dogs love them and you can not beat the prices here! (Posted on 3/22/13)

  26. Great treat! Review by Walk lady
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    My dogs...a pug and a golden retriever...LOVE your bully sticks! Thank you for this high quality, affordable priced treat for my sweet dogs! (Posted on 3/9/13)

  27. Great Value - Dogs Love Them Review by RescueDogs2013
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    Product ValueBull 10 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    My three rescue dogs loved these treats even before our mail order. When we were unable to purchase large quantities at a discount, we turned to Value Pet Supplies. The quality is exactly the same as retail at a great price. Thanks for offering deep discount for a natural treat that my dogs love. (Posted on 2/24/13)

  28. Great Value for me and great that for my dogs Review by Cindy
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    Bully sticks cost a small fortune in the pet stores so I love to order them online in bulk. I have one large and one small so I plan to order 100 medium and 100 thick. My large dogs can devour the mediums in less than a minute while my small dog is happy with his of an hour. There is inconsistency in the batches though ... As my current batch of mediums is so brittle even my little dog is chewing it up too fast. Otherwise I am satisfiedwith both product and service (Posted on 2/22/13)

  29. best prices and fast shipping - size DOES matter Review by Vince
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    This is my third order and I always got the Thick size for my Labs. This time I ordered medium and they are much smaller. The size is correct according to the size guide, but too small for Labs. They eat them too fast. If you have large dogs, get thick or jumbo. (Posted on 2/19/13)

  30. My 3 dogs love, love, love Review by plaugus
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    We are not fond of rawhide chews so when we heard about bully sticks, we decided to try them. Our 3 dogs love them! The turnaround time from ordering to receiving is the best! (Posted on 2/4/13)

  31. SoSo Review by Dlub54
    Your Rating

    I thought they would be a little larger, but my dogs love them so I'm happy. (Posted on 2/3/13)

  32. Good service and pricing Review by N/A
    Your Rating

    To whom it may concern,

    I have found your pricing and product quality to be very good. I also appreciate that you shipped my order the day following receiving my order.

    Its nice to be dealing with an American Company, that’s run by a family.

    We will be ordering from you in the future.

    Best regards,

    J. Edward XXXXXX
    (Posted on 1/18/13)

  33. Mugsy's joy (bully)sticks Review by Mugsy's Mom
    Your Rating

    My Boston terrier just loves the bullies.
    If I don't get to the cabinet as soon as I get home
    (he's already eaten) Mugsy will go after my shoes,
    These are a great treat at a great price. The six in.
    mediums keep him busy for oh about 15 min. if I'm
    lucky. He is the Jaws of Destruction. (Posted on 1/17/13)

  34. Our dogs love them Review by Bully Sticks-the magic phrase!
    Your Rating

    Bully sticks were recommended to us instead of pigs ears because they are easily digested.
    All you have to say to our dogs, rat terrier mixes, is do you want a bully stick? The run to the cabinet they are kept in and jump around like crazy dogs!
    We have had no problems with the dogs eating them and they are true to size and very reasonably priced, especially compared to pet stores. (Posted on 12/4/12)

  35. Great Value Review by Alpo
    Your Rating

    I have been buying these Bully Sticks for some time now. Great value and a quality product. All I say is "Chewy", and my dogs come running! Just love to hear them happily chewing away. (Posted on 11/25/12)

  36. Boxer loves these. Review by Karen
    Your Rating
    Product ValueBull 50 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    Our Boxer loves these, but she devours one in a few minutes. They are not the size of three pencils as shown in the picture; they're much thinner. The medium bully sticks at our local pet store are a lot thicker. If I buy these again, Ill get thicker ones. (Posted on 10/1/12)

  37. My dog LOVES these sticks Review by Charlie
    Your Rating

    My dog loves these sticks! He gets one every night after dinner and he can't wait. (Posted on 7/21/12)

  38. Quick response Review by Deanna
    Your Rating

    Always helpful and quick to get the product out you need.

    Bully sticks are long lasting and don't upset our pups stomach. (Posted on 7/2/11)

  39. very good prices Review by jackie
    Your Rating

    all three of my dogs love, love, love bully sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/25/11)

  40. Great chew treat! Review by woofers23
    Your Rating

    Great chew treat for "aggressive chewers"! I have 4 dogs- 3 labs & an American Foxhound. These 6" medium bullies really satisfies their need to chew. And my 4 yr old black lab has the whitest smile! The vet was very impressed with the lack of tartar on her teeth. (Posted on 5/30/11)

  41. Good quality at a great price Review by A pet's best friend
    Your Rating
    Product ValueBull 50 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    Bully sticks are safe and healthy products that dogs savor. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  42. 6" Review by Margie
    Your Rating
    Product ValueBull 50 All Natural 6 inch Medium Bully Sticks

    After an exercise and training session this is my dogs treat. He immediately comes in and sits to wait for his expected bully stick. Takes him a while to eat, then he's ready for a good long rest. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  43. Give dog a bully good time! Review by Dogman
    Your Rating

    My dog enjoys one every night while we watch TV. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  44. bulllies & Portuguese Water Dogs Review by Endeavor PWD's
    Your Rating

    Emmie & Baker, my two PWD's love their bullies. They get a trachea after breakfast and a bully after dinner, which is a longer lasting treat. They devour dinner and wait by the pantry that houses their bully sticks. If I forget, they quickly remind me of the routine. We love them. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  45. [...] a Surprise Review by Iggy Daddy
    Your Rating

    Pizzle sticks were exactly as advertised and much less $$$ than the local pet stores sell them for. My two Italian Greyhounds just love these things and they last for hours and sometimes even longer than 1-2 days. My girl is 6 mos. old and still teething and pizzles keep her good and busy and away from things she shouldn't be chewing on. My boy is 3-1/2 years and these are his favorite chewy. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  46. Excellent Bully Sticks, my dogs fav! Review by Buddy&Precious
    Your Rating

    Long lasting, not smelly, good treat and keeps them busy for 1/2 hour! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  47. Great price for the product Review by pearlthegirl
    Your Rating

    The product is high quality for a great price. However, I will order thicker and/or bigger bully sticks next time. My dogs consume these pretty fast and I wanted something to keep them busy for a longer period of time. Regardless of your dog's size I recommend these only for moderate to mild chewers. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  48. Bully Sticks are The #1 dog treat! Review by kpmixologist
    Your Rating

    I have two Miniture Pinscher's ages 9 & 17 months. These are wonderful all natural, digestible snacks for them. They love to chew on the Bully sticks. I don't allow them to eat them entirely. I usually throw them away after there is an inch left. I fear of intestinal blockages. In the morning when my husband and I are having our coffee our dogs get their morning bully sticks. I recommend these to all of my friends who own dogs. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  49. Love em... Review by Bengals Mom
    Your Rating

    Wonderful and always gets my Grey excited... (Posted on 3/10/11)

  50. brooklyn loves them Review by Bobbb
    Your Rating

    at the end of the day, brooklyn likes nothing better than getting serious with one of your bully sticks. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  51. Great product....unbelieveable price Review by Barbeque man
    Your Rating

    Treat (Posted on 3/10/11)

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