600 count ValuePad 17x24 20 gram Absorption Economy Puppy Pads

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BRAND: ValuePad

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High Qualtiy, Low Price Puppy Pads

Quality that's good enough for humans

That's right, these puppy pads are made of such high quality medical-grade products that humans can even use them.

Give your dog - and your floors - the best protection possible with these awesome ValuePad 600 17 X 24" 20 Gram Dog Training Pads! ValuePad is our in house brand and we use the same top quality materials that are used in medical-grade products for humans to protect bedding and are made specifically not to catch on your dog's claws to prevent shredding. Every ValuePad puppy training pad is sure to keep your floors protected and to be easy to clean-up. Make sure your home is protected and you're always prepared! Get your ValuePad 600 Puppy pads now and see why so many dog owners love and trust Valuepad!

  • See how our puppy pad material quality compares with pads used for humans
  • Compare our in house ValuePad brand puppy pads vs the competition for quality
  • See how many customer reviews we've gotten on these puppy pads to compare us vs other brands on overall satisfaction

Ideal for house training new puppies or incontinent dogs, these super absorbent ValuePad puppy pads will keep messes contained. Since we make these puppy pads in house, we can afford to be a little picky with quality and price them low. Our puppy pads won't stick to your dog's claws either, eliminating messy tracking. Shop now and save big!

Features & Benefits:
  • Features a special spun bonded polypropylene covering to prevent tears
  • Made from medical-grade products used for humans
  • Color: white and blue
  • 1st run quality puppy training pads
  • Size tolerance: width 16.5-17 inches, length 23.5-24 inches

ValuePad Puppy Pad Product Guide
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Small Puppies; ProtectingSmall Surfaces from Light Use
Small to Medium Dogs; CatBox Floor Protection
Medium Dogs; Cat Box FloorProtection
Medium / Large Dogs;Multiple Dogs; Bedding Protection
Large Dogs; Multiple Dogs;Large Areas; Full Bedding Sanitation