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Catit Design Senses Drinking Fountain, With Water Softening Filter

BRAND: Catit
SKU 50761
UPC 022517507612

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Catit Design Senses Drinking Fountain provides your cat with a continuous indoor source of cool, fresh-tasting, filtered water that encourages your pet to drink more.

Drinking more water helps ensure proper kidney function, helping to prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.

The fountain includes a water softening filter that softens hard water by removing excess calcium and magnesium, typically found in tap water, to help maintain a healthy lower urinary tract. The fountain's surface is designed to retain water inside the unit while your cat drinks.

  1. So quiet Review by Laurie
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    This is the 1st cat fountain that seems totally soundless. You can't here the motor at all. It is large and holds a ton of water. I got it for my at who is still wary of it, but the dogs love it. (Posted on 7/2/14)

  2. Great fountain for water obsessed cats! Review by CAW
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    Wish I would've found this fountain earlier. I have a 13 yr old cat who has forever played in her water bowl more than actually drink any of it. With this fountain, the continuous movement makes her only interested in drinking from it (like the sink). I was a little concerned that it only comes in plastic b/c in the past she developed an allergy from plastic bowls. But so far, so good. I'm very happy with my purchase. Affordable, easy to install/set up, low-maintenance. (Posted on 6/26/14)

  3. cats love it Review by January11471
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    3 out of my 4 cats love this fountain. I see them drinking from it time and time again which is something I can't say about the past fountain. # 4 cat still drinks from dog bowl. (Posted on 6/3/14)

  4. Great Affordable Fountain Review by Meg's
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    I bought one of these for my cat and dogs and one for my friend. The animals love drinking from it. I've had mine for a year with no problems. (Posted on 2/24/14)

  5. Cats love it Review by PegasusOne
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    One of my cats is fascinated by running water and this one is great. I have an RV and it does not spill. This makes me feel I am giving my cats fresh filtered clean water. (Posted on 1/6/14)

  6. Delightful fountain Review by Catladymarsha
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    I have 8 cats and there are 3 fountains in my house already. I bought this to be a countertop fountain for my Ragdoll who has been drinking out of dishes in the sink. It is quiet and he loves it. Easy to keep track of the water level since it's in my visual field when I'm at the sink. Just recommended it to a friend whose kitten keeps spilling his water bowl. The weight of the water in this fountain pretty much ensures it won't get tipped over. I love it and so do my cats. (Posted on 11/14/13)

  7. Great product Review by Zekesmom
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    2nd Catit drinking fountain I have purchased. They work well; are silent operators, and easy to clean. Also when placed next to the previous pet fountain brand I owned, my cats elected to drink from this fountain and ignored the old brand. (Posted on 10/28/13)

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