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Catit Style Ornamental Cat Scratchers combine unique design
symmetry with functionality and aesthetics for a contemporary approach.
- Special low-shred corn-husk and sisal rope blend
- Satisfies cats' natural scratching instinct
- Modern design; suitable for any decor
- Decorative; add artificial plants for enhanced visual appeal
- Spray with catnip for extra enticement
Note: The scratcher is very stable and will not tip over during normal use. If additional stability is required, the hollow center allows you to place extra weight inside the scratcher (small pebbles, sandbags, etc).

Catit Style Ornamental Cat Scratcher, Model: Hourglass. Base width: approx 36 cm (14"), scratcher height (from base to top): approx 45cm (18"). Warm gray base and top, low-shred corn husk and sisal rope blend.

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