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Chews & Treats

Chews & Treats

At Value Pet Supplies, we know you love your dog. You love how they come up to you with their tail wagging and tongue hanging out when you open the cupboard with the chews and treats in it. You're their hero. You wish you could shower them with chews and treats constantly, but it gets expensive. To help you and your dog, we've discounted all our chews and treats so you can stock up and buy in bulk. We have several packages of 100% all natural chews with varying thickness, quantity, and length. Be sure to consider the size of your dogs mouth when you purchase chews. Our treats will break down into easily digestible bits and use only the best ingredients. Also, our dog chews are made from free-range, grass-fed cows and buffalo approved by the USDA. You won't find any additives or chemicals, so your dog will enjoy all the healthy benefits in his treat. Even though these prices will encourage you to buy in bulk, don't be tempted to give your dog more than one a day. So shop with confidence, knowing all our pet supplies are on sale!