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Classic No Bark Collar, Small Red

BRAND: Hagen
SKU 72537
UPC 831772000024

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No-Bark Training Collars
Hagen Classic No Bark Collar helps you to train your dog. This collar has two modes - vibration and sound - to distract pet from excessive barking. The low and high levels let you customize the settings for your dog and the adjustable nylon collar is comfortable on your dog's neck. .Hagen Classic No Bark Collar. Vibration and sound collar. Features low and high levels. Shower-proof. Has an adjustable nylon strap. Hagen Classic No Bark Collar is made of sturdy plastic hardware for durability.
  1. Amazing!! Review by Michelle
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    I've tried them all, and not proud to say, some that weren't all that humane, this collar worked immediately. But only on the vibrate, which is way better than a shock. It also doesn't even need to be so tight around the neck to work. It's so peaceful around here now. I never realized how he was the one getting all the other dogs in the neighborhood started.... (Posted on 9/14/14)

  2. It Really Does Work Review by Rett
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    Purchased for a rescue dog who gets really upset when left alone. Put this on beep and worked like a charm. No scary shocks in this house. Safe, kind, and effective.
    (Posted on 9/10/14)

  3. worked right away Review by Timmy
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    Bought 3 stopped all 3 from barking within an hour great product for the value. (Posted on 9/2/14)

  4. Very effective Review by Woody
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    I am using the collar on vibrate. So far he has stopped on the first bark. He has tried a few weak barks but only a few. The vibration does seem to frighten him considerably but he was a constant barker at any noise and that has ceased. (Posted on 7/29/14)

  5. not happy Review by JENNIFER
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    I can't say it didn't work cause it did vibrate and make sound. The sound annoyed me and the other dogs.
    The pup I got the collar for was a very whiny yapper. I'm not sure if anything would work on him
    The vibration made him bark
    And no is not in his vocabulary.
    Foster mom in NJ (Posted on 7/25/14)

  6. Good product - works well and is humane for your pet Review by BleuLala
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    The no bark "vibration" mode seems to d the trick of reducing barking. It does startle the dogs, but that is the intention. Certainly better than a shock collar which I would never ever use.
    We like this collar and definitely recommend it as a good value for the money! :) (Posted on 6/20/14)

  7. no bark collar Review by Irma
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    I am glad I found your no bark collar it came just in time for camping I used it on my dog wbo barked all the time and the collar stopped her.thank you very much it is great and does not hurt her. (Posted on 6/6/14)

  8. Fair Review by Happy
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    I put it on my dog just before my neighbor walks her beagle, which is the only dog my dog barks at like nobody's business, and it scared him. I hope it works without frightening him soon or I will have to remove it. Just a little sad about is scaring him. I will post an update after the week is up. (Posted on 6/2/14)

  9. pretty good...but needs improvement Review by LAGR
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    This collar did work on my two small dogs, but only on the vibration setting. They did not stop barking with the sonic setting. The only problem I have with this collar is that there is no clasp. It is one of those up and around and through jobs that is a real pain to put on and take off. I would consider a clasp essential. (Posted on 5/29/14)

  10. Fantastic Product Review by Bentley
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    After many other so called bark collars that didn't work , this one is a real gem.
    Worked just great after just a few hours on the dog.
    Thanks for a great product. (Posted on 5/20/14)

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    Got the collar for my toy poodle, didn't want a shock collar. This collar vibrates like a cell phone so it doesn't hurt him..he just stops and shakes his head. Used it 3 days and now I will only use it when he has a bad day..if he thinks about barking he runs and jumps on my lap so I found it as a great training tool. Also has a high pitch sound but the vibrate works better for him..we have 5 dogs so will be taking turns with who ever is a bark head.Collar is plenty big to use on bigger dogs.Glad I got it. (Posted on 5/12/14)

  12. It works Review by Matthew
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    I got the collars for a dauschhound and chihuahua that barked so much that I got a warning from the city. After having put the collars on them, they bark very little. The vibration breaks their concentration and surprises them which makes them stop barking. You can't beat trying this collar for the price. Especially since it's not harmful like a shock collar. (Posted on 5/12/14)

  13. So Far So Good Review by Kelly
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    Delivery was fast and I live in Hawaii! Plus, the shipping cost was good. My barking dog has been wearing the collar for only a few days, but she stopped her barking within a couple of hours of wearing the collar so I am amazed and pleased. (Posted on 5/11/14)

  14. It work . Review by anna
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    I have concern about the shock collar and does not want to hurt my chihuahua who only 6 lbs ,
    Purchase the Classic no bark collar and it work like magic .
    My dogs 2 chihuahua start baking nuisance as soon as I let it outside . 5 days she not bark more than 1 time , and make the other not bark either ,
    Strongly recommended for noisy dogs and puppy (Posted on 4/29/14)

  15. Great Review by Christie
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    I love this collar, so going to order 3 more. (Posted on 4/24/14)

  16. Excellent No Bark Collar Review by Debra
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    Love this collar and feel good using it verses the shock and citronella spray collars. I have a long-haired dachshund whose love of communication is constant barking. The vibrate mode has stopped her dead in her tracks. It was almost comical watching her the first time the vibration kicked in when she barked. There is now peace on Telluride Trail and my neighbors couldn't be happier! (Posted on 4/19/14)

  17. We have peace ! Thank you Lord! Review by Gunner Boy
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    Our male Chihuahua barks a high pitch bark at everything and anything. Drives us insane. This collar worked in only 5 minutes! After 7 hours we took it off him and now we only have to show it to him if he lets a bark slip out. Best money I have ever spent. (Posted on 4/14/14)

  18. Great product Review by Larry B
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    I have a two yr old min pin who loves to watch tv. She loves the animals on tv but she also loves to bark her head off when they
    come on. I saw this product and thought I would give it a try. Wow, it really works. It took only two or three times and now it is pleasant to watch tv again. Thanks Value pet for a great and humane product (Posted on 3/5/14)

  19. It did not hurt dogs. Review by Hal
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    Received collar as promised. It worked great on my 9lb dog. I was dog sitting a neighbors dog who is a constant barker. I stopped using it on my dog and put it on my neighbors dog. It worked wonders, peace at last. I just ordered a new one so I can give this one to my neighbor when he returns next week. (Posted on 2/24/14)

  20. Amazing product Review by Missy
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    As soon as my chihuahuas started to bark they stopped instantly. People can come into the house now without all of the barking. This is a great collar and it really does work.
    Thank You,
    Missy (Posted on 2/8/14)

  21. Great item! Review by Gizmo
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    We are a no-dog family but love dogs and often dog sit in our home. The most recent tenant, Gizmo, was a barker and when you are not used to that, it gets old fast. As we are having Gizmo for 3 wks, I knew something had to be done. I was pleased to find this non-shock collar, especially since it is not our dog. It took 3-4 days for Gizmo to stop barking! I tried the low pitch, but the dog would bark at the pitch. Silly dog! So, I used high vibrate for a couple of days and then moved it down to low vibrate. I may take it off after a wk or so and see how he does. In a sad sort of way, it has been funny to watch as the dog barks, the collar vibrates and the dog takes off and looks backwards trying to figure out what just got it! Silly dog! Thanks for a great and safe product! (Posted on 2/7/14)

  22. Works great! Review by Angie
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    I have some VERY vocal pomeranians. It was challenging to find something that worked and was small enough for their necks. We had tried two other collars with no change. This collar works perfect! They hate the vibration. My house has been very peaceful! (Posted on 2/5/14)

  23. One hour proof Review by jessesandy
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    We have 2 small poodle barkers and had a complaint in the RV park we are staying in to silence them. After 2 barks the sound setting silenced our male. Since it didn't stop the female we used the vibration setting and 2 barks silenced her. No shocking is necessary to get the point across to your pets. These collars work well. (Posted on 1/29/14)

  24. Instantly fixed problem! Review by hisfriendjames
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    Our Boston Terrier puppy had a problem with excessive barking especially at night when my wife and I and our roommates and neighbors were trying to sleep. We wanted something to fix the problem without resorting to a shock collar. While researching solutions we ran across the No Bark Collar. It didn't harm the pet, had great reviews and was significantly cheaper than any shock collar. We ordered it and when we put it on our pup there was an immediate change. The No Bark Collar does exactly what it says, there is no more barking. The best part is that our puppy was not hurt in the process, it seems more of a nuisance to her and was actually quite comical to watch. It only took one night and now everyone is happy. It is a must by for noisy pups!! (Posted on 1/25/14)

  25. great Review by gizmo
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    The first time my Yorkshire barked the bark collar vibranted and he has not barked since. Love this thing. (Posted on 1/25/14)

  26. Awesome product Review by Dawn
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    We have 2 chihuahuas who would bark at almost anything! They would start the barking wars with the neighbors dogs as soon as we put them out to go potty! GRRR. I ordered 2 of these collars and I've got to investment EVER! The transformation was almost instantaneous! They each weigh 10 pounds and the collars fit great! Thank you! (Posted on 1/8/14)

  27. Works great. Review by Bruce
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    All I have to do is show my boys the collar if they start to bark and they stop immediately. This is due to the training I put them through prior to removing the collar. I've been training dogs since I was a child. (Posted on 11/14/13)

  28. Terrific Product at great price Review by Cindi L
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    Received very quickly, good quality for the price and had toned down my little barker extremely well. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a small barker. (Posted on 10/14/13)

  29. It is easy, painless and works. Review by Chip's Mom
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    My little barking dog gives up after one yap! He is quickly learning not to bark in situations where he was relentless. Everyone is happy and adoring the cute little dog, not being totally annoyed! (Posted on 10/7/13)

  30. Reduced the barking and didn't hurt my babies. Review by Nikki
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    This collar works! No electrical shock, just a little vibation when they bark and they hate it. But it sure has done the job.
    These collars made our neighbor a happy guy.
    Thank you,
    Nikki & Bill
    Guatay, California (Posted on 5/7/13)

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