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BRAND: Drinkwell

SKU: VPS-13703-CKPH-13070
UPC: 816306017464

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A Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Value Pack to fulfill your Pet Fountain needs!

This Value Pack Contains:

  • 1 Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit
  • 4 Drinkwell Pet Fountain Premium Filters (1 3-pack and 1 that comes with Platinum fountain)

    Drinkwell's most advanced pet fountain! 168oz Capacity

    The Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain is the ultimate in style and design. This all new design utilizes the same patented free-falling stream of water as the original Drinkwell which entices pets to drink more, keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated. The Platinum features; a new snap on lid to prevent accidental removal, a pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor, and a new submersible pump for nearly silent operation. With the same quality that consumers have come to rely on, the Drinkwell Platinum is a culmination of 10 years experience in making pet fountains.

    Simple and Safe

    And proven to benefit your pet's health. The Drinwkell Pet Fountain is a great way to show your pets just how much you care. Our research shows that one of the best ways to improve your pet's health is to get them to drink more water. And the best way to do that is with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. By using a 5-inch falling stream of water, the Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet's water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter also removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best possible - and most appealing - way to stay hydrated!

    The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit provides product owners with a convenient and easy solution to keep their fountain clean! Now with new improved features, such as a plastic Molded handle, a flared sponge tip for deep cleaning and anti-rust wraps to protect the wire shaft from rust.

    Filters will fit any size Drinkwell Fountain

    The Drinkwell Premium filters feature a six compartment plastic frame that evenly distributes the granulated charcoal throughout the filter cartridge, providing for a more thorough and complete filtration process. The Drinkwell Platinum Premium Filter will fit any size Drinkwell Fountain.

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  1. Drinkwell Fountain and filters by
    5.0 1 5
    I have had the Drinkwell fountain now for almost 5 plus years and it has been the best. my pets love it, i love it. I love the reservoir it comes with, easy for those who can't be filing up every day. Is by far a great product. The filters from this site(VALUE PET SUPPLIES) makes it easy to order and the price is great. It comes right to your door, what is best is that there is no need to go around looking for a great price. (Posted on 3/4/2015)
  2. Opposite Review by
    5.0 1 5
    In April of last year, I purchased 2 of these units AND 1 (360) fountain.

    I gave 1 to my daughter & son-in-law and we all LOVE them.

    The motor is working perfectly fine BUT you could ruin it IF you don't read the cleaning instructions.

    It is an EXTREMELY simple to use, run AND CLEAN device ... ONLY if you use the BRUSHES that come with it!!!

    I use Dawn liquid when cleaning & brushing CREVICES, then rinse THOROUGHLY!

    One word of caution, DO NOT WASH the FILTERS. I use my sink sprayer with hot water only for this task.

    The cats LOVE it and it is GREAT for their bodies PLUS they drink more by far.

    Best regards to all,
    (Posted on 1/5/2013)
  3. Motor stopped working 5 months after beginning to use. Also a hastle to clean! Cats like the running water but I don't believe it is worth the aggravation. by
    1.0 1 5
    Motor stopped working in 5 months - hastle to clean (Posted on 6/9/2011)

3 Review(s)

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