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Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Mat

BRAND: Drinkwell
UPC 679562816093

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Regular Price: $8.38
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Protect your floors from messy drinkers with the Drinkwell Fountain Mat. Custom fit for the Platinum Fountain model, each mat features a placement guide that creates a 3-inch space to the outer ridge to help contain spills and splashes. The mat's outer ridge is one inch high, providing ample space for any spilled water. This item is dishwasher safe and will also work with the Drinkwell Original Fountain when using the Additional Capacity Reservoir (50oz/70oz) Attachments.

  1. Worth the invesment Review by JoJo & Jacko Dad
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    Product Drinkwell Original Fountain Mat

    At first I did not think that this mat was needed. So I bought a cheap dollar store mat and placed it down under my Original Drinkwell Fountain.

    Little did I know that my little buddies not only liked to drink out of the fountain, but they enjoyed climbing and playing on this fountain.They also like to use the spout to wet their paws and splash each other causing the water to over flow.

    I then tried putting a towel under it and that experiment did not work. So I thought I would give this mat a try and it works perfectly. It helps keep the unit in place and contains the extra splashing that they so enjoy. (Posted on 3/12/13)

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