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BRAND: Eheim

SKU: 2073370
UPC: 720686202399

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The Pro 3 Ultra G 65/90/160 canisters couple the newest Eheim filtration technology with an award winning, sleek, exceptionally user friendly style. The entire Pro 3 Ultra G family has been designed to bring the aquarium water immediately into contact with the coarse filter sponge, removing the gross particulate and allowing for a more pristine biomedia environment. The large prefilter positioned directly beneath the pump head allows easy intermediate cleaning and has proven to increase efficiency and prolong the interval between required major maintenances.
  • Reliable powerful output
  • Smooth running and quiet
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Sleek new design
  • Large pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning and extra long service life
  • New priming principle
  • Recessed handles, 4 large sturdy clips
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator
  • Exceptionally secure valves are easy to connect and reconnect

Accessories Included:

2x suction hoses, 1 x spray bar, outlet pipe, EHEIM quality hose, set-up accessories

Media included:

1 fine, 1 coarse pad. Efhi Mech and Substrate Pro