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Eheim Prefilter Pad Set Ultra G65,G90,G190&Pro3 2071 2073 2075 (12pk)

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BRAND: Eheim
SKU 2616710-12PK
UPC 849039028780

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Regular Price: $173.53
Sale Price: $148.46
Compare At: $240.99
Replacement EHEIM Prefilter and fine filter pads for Ultra G65, G90 and G160/Pro 3 2071, 2073, 2075

Each pack contains 3 fine and 1 coarse

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  1. Ehiem filter pads Review by Jetpilotwomanizerloachtamer
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    Product Eheim Prefilter Pad Set for Ultra G65,G90,G190&Pro3 2071 2073 2075

    The Ehiem filter pads i ordered were priced at a good value, included free shipping and arrived very fast to my home just outside Baltimore. ( with the exception of this year in reference to football , thats co-located where the good sports teams are.) Lets face it, if your a Pittsburgh ( what a charming area and city) or a redsox fan you shud consider an alternate means of life. If your religious ( or pretend you are ) and ending it all is not an option maybe you should just move. Im pretty sure you can subscribe to dish network in south america and do your thang in the privacy of your own shack while watching 'big poppy' or 'big ben'. Anyways, these filter pads are just remarkable. They fit in my canistor filters perfectly, they mechanically clean the water and my fishes, well i cant even begin to tell you how happy they are. But whatever with them, lets talk about me. Since installing these filter pads, since my fishes are happy, now im happy. And this has changed my life considerably. I no longer take showers fully clothed or hang myself with a belt in my closet dressed like spiderman while thinking of the life i could of had with Tiger Woods wife had she only answered my letters. No, no...its the good life now. Girls on the reg, oxy on the reg, getting drunk on the reg and...the leaves out back fallen to the ground-...yup, im hiring a crew to come clean them up. Speak American, dammit!! Yes, these filter pads have given back that spark, that lust for life i had lost so many months ago.
    I highly reccomend ValuePetSupplies. They have great prices, an easy website to navigate, fast shipping and a plethera of products to chose from. And as far as Ehiem products go, well, you know the Germans...they always make good stuff. (Posted on 11/7/13)

  2. Eheim Prefilter Pad Set for Ultra G65 Review by
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    Product Eheim Prefilter Pad Set for Ultra G65,G90,G190&Pro3 2071 2073 2075

    I have found that any Eheim product I have used, although maybe more expensive than competing products, is well worth the money in terms of quality and reliability. The Prefilter Pad keep my tank clean for well over 30 days. (Posted on 9/28/13)

2 Review(s)

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