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EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Vacuum Cleaner 8pk

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BRAND: Eheim
SKU 3531090-8PK-MC-2
UPC 849039029022

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With this battery-operated gravel cleaner (batteries are included), you can clean the floor of your aquarium easily, even between water changes. The power of the device is so designed that dirt is taken up without disturbing the gravel and its purifying bacteria. A filter compartment in the device retains the dirt while letting the water immediately back into the aquarium. The filter element is simple to remove.

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  1. Great product! Review by Rachel
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    Product EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

    I just recently set up my own 30 gallon tank - it's a heated freshwater tank, and I have about 8 guppies + 2 catfish and a sucker fish. I am using a 40 gallon 'Whisper' filter, which I figured would be more than enough to keep the water and gravel clean. I was also sure to very thoroughly wash the gravel and decorations before placing them in the tank (prior to adding the water & fish). After a month or so of setting up the tank, I noticed a significant amount of debris along the gravel floor along with many, bizarre white fuzz-balls. I know that guppies are live-bearers, so my only guess is that these were some sort of miscarried fry or some type of bacterial or fungal growth. Regardless, they seemed to be having little impact on the fish (all of which are very healthy), but they were gross and causing the tank to develop a musty odor. I'm not very tech-savvy, so I appreciated the ease with which it took to set-up the Quick Vac Pro automatic gravel vacuum cleaner. Stupidly, I did not insert the propeller (a small, dark-colored piece that inserts magnetically on the lower-end of the vacuum). So, at first, I thought the vacuum was non-functional; however, after realizing and correcting my mistake, the vacuum worked EXCELLENTLY! Even better than expected. It worked exactly as described, removing all of the debris (including the odd fuzzy things) without requiring any water change. The vacuum was fully submersible, as well, which was a plus (in addition to being battery-powered, so there was no need for any electrical outlets or wiring etc. The water is MUCH clearer, the fish seem happier, and the odor is gone. I plan on doing this once every two weeks. I would suggest to any aquarium novice who is purchasing this item to watch a YouTube video on the use of this item. These videos were very helpful to me. Great & easy-to-use product overall. (Posted on 4/8/13)

  2. EHEIM quick vac pro automatic gravel Review by B
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    Product EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

    Saves a lot of time and saves water changing. (Posted on 3/10/11)

2 Review(s)

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