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Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 High-Pressure Rainfall System

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BRAND: Exo Terra
SKU PT2495
UPC 015561224956

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Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 is a programmable rainfall system suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating precipitation at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the type of animal or plant housed. Frequent rainfall helps stimulate breeding behaviour, and is a necessity when housing live tropical plants such as Bromeliads, orchids, mosses, etc. The system can be programmed to rain multiple times per 24-hour cycle, for time periods ranging from one second to two hours. The large 4 liter (1 gallon) reservoir ensures continuous operation for several days without the need for refilling (ideal for vacations!), and the reservoir can be easily replenished without needing to uninstall the entire system. Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 comes with two easy-to-install nozzles, but the system can be extended to accommodate up to 6 nozzles, making it ideal for multiple terrariums. The rain produced by these specially designed nozzles is extremely fine, creating a mist-like effect in the terrarium or greenhouse, and the extra long tubing makes it possible to conceal the unit in a storage area or under the terrarium in a cabinet.

- 22 x 22 x 33cm / 8.5" x 8.5" x 9" - Programmable rainfall unit for terrariums and greenhouses - Easy to install on any type of terrarium or greenhouse - Multiple nozzle applications (up to 6!) - Large 4 liter (1 gallon) reservoir

9 Review(s)

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  1. awesome svc good product Review by crazy dave
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    The service was awesome, shipping was fast and the value was the best i found. The product was good however one of the nozzles did not work straight out of box but it comes with extras so no biggy. Not that has anything to do with this company. No complaints thanks for the awesome service. (Posted on 4/3/14)

  2. Excellent Misting System! Review by obxglow
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    This product is worth every penny! I have a crested gecko in a small tall exo terra glass tank and only 4 seconds of misting douses everything inside! Highly recommend! (Posted on 2/23/14)

  3. great product Review by pops
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    took less than 20 minutes to get set up and is working great. (Posted on 2/13/14)

  4. Great product Review by Moosho
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    I've bought the same item from PETCO for my chameleon and with tax and everything I've paid 166.71 and after few days from my purchased item I've found it online on this website which the price was almost half of what I've paid in PETCO.
    So I've returned the one and bought from this site and it arrived after 5 days. So happy with my purchase and I will definitely buy stuff from them again. Good prices and good service.I'll give five star to this product which makes my work easier.Thank you. (Posted on 1/18/14)

  5. Good Unit Review by Erik
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    I have only used mine for about a week but it does what it is supposed to. The controls work really well and was very easy to setup. Value Pet Supplies was super fast and very affordable! (Posted on 1/3/14)

  6. Works great so far Review by Saintarv
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    I have 2 Jackson Chams and I'm tired of the manual dripping everyday. This Monsoon works great. I just got it a few days ago and so far so good. I have it on a separate timer from 8 am to 5 pm and I the system turn on every 2 hrs for 10 seconds. Works like a charm! (Posted on 10/28/13)

  7. Awesome Review by Genjo Sanso
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    This works well and has helped is maintain humidity for our Chinese Water Dragon. We like that we can add more nozzles if needed. (Posted on 8/6/13)

  8. Great Misting System for Screen Cages Review by chameleonpal
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    This is an excellent system for those of us who have veiled chameleons in screen cages. It's easy to set up, the misters are easily moved so you can spray inside the cage and not out.

    Since this is a stand alone unit, you don't have to worry about not being able to use suction cup mounted units on a screen cage. Easy to understand timing, unit sprays a nice, fine mist and is perfect with your drip vines.

    No more stressing whether or not you're spraying enough! (Posted on 3/2/13)

  9. great product Review by monsoonman
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    i just hooked up my new exo terra Monsoon RS400 i have to say if you have ANY tropical reptiles that require anything above 60% humidity this is an ABSOLUTE MUST best alternative to having to go hog wild with a spray bottle im out 5 days out of the week so its perfect i have mine set to mist every 3 hours for 40 seconds and it pumps it up to 80% humidity in that amount of time it is a great system and i highly suggest anyone that has reptiles that need humidity of any kind GET THIS ITEM! (Posted on 1/26/13)

9 Review(s)

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