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BRAND: Exo Terra

SKU: PT3815
UPC: 015561238151

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The Exo Terra Turtle Feeder can be programmed to feed up to 4 times per day. Pellet portions and feeding times can be adjusted depending on the size or quantity of turtles. Using an automatic feeding unit reduces the risk of overfeeding and avoids pollution of the terrarium water by left over turtle pellets. An especially designed turtle pellet chamber with a high holding capacity (200 mL/6.7 fl.oz.) ensures that your turtles can be fed over a significant period of time. The clear cap on the pellet chamber allows close monitoring of the available pellets. When using Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle Pellets the feeder allows you to offer your turtles a complete diet, even during longer periods of absence.

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  1. Over priced by
    3.0 1 5
    Ordered 2 day shipping on Mon. Came Friday PM. All plastic. Dont over tighten the holder on the tank, it will break. Must hold a black plastic insert in place with one hand while adding the pellets to the unit. Dont overfill or the black insert will not sit properly or shift when you go to put the cover on necessitating dumping out the pellets and starting the process all over again. Also no way to program for just 2 feedings a day instead of the 4 in the instruction booklet. You cannot reset a programed feed time to 00:00 . I only needed two feeds but had to settle for 4 smaller. Im sure theres a way but its not in the instructions. I think theres a youtube video on how to get rid of extra feed times. it was the better of the two turtle feeders reviewed and it does dispense extra long pellets, so its not all bad. But for the quality, it was slightly overpriced. (Posted on 7/2/2013)

1 Review(s)

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