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BRAND: Fluval

SKU: A217
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The newly refined Fluval 06 series of aquarium canister filters features a new, more powerful motor and adds extra conveniences to the powerful and flexible Fluval filtration line.

Each Fluval Multi-Stage 06 Series Filter adds even more user-friendly features with a re-engineered, efficient priming system to ensure aquarium filtration iseven easier to set-up, customize and maintain.

Easy to Start

A completely re-engineered priming mechanism makes the Fluval '06 child's play to get started. Just a few pumps of the new, strengthened priming handle and you're off and running.

15% More Power

The new filters are more powerful than their predecessors without increasing power usage, thanks to some clever mechanical changes which allow the filter to work more efficiently. Each model now moves up to 15% more water than its predecessor for better circulation and cleaner, healthier water.

Silence is golden

The Fluval has always been a quiet filter, but now it's practically silent thanks to a completely re-engineered impeller and impeller cover. At the contact points between the impeller and cover sit tiny ceramic rings which are virtually friction free, reducing vibration and noise to a bare minimum for almost silent running.

Easy To Maintain

The patented Aqua-Stop system effortlessly stops water flow with no mess or leaks and the new, strengthened lift-lock handles allow easy access inside the filter. Quick-change mechanical foam media is easy to remove and the new Bio Foam media supplied (206, 306 and 406 models only) creates additional space for beneficial bacteria to breed.

Features include:
  • New Advanced Motor Technology resulting in improved performance, quiet operation and easier start-up
  • Patented AquaStop Valve, multiple filtration baskets, and rim connector assemblies
  • Four distinct sizes - each with increasing flow rates and filter capacities
  • Single motion lift lock clamps
  • Clog proof intake strainer
  • Dual layer foam screen
  • Backed by a 3-year warrantee

Product Benefits:
  • Offers Multi-Stage filtration for healthy, fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • Easy maintenance with newly redesigned AquaStop system
  • Each filter holds 35-50% more volume than round canisters of similar size
  • Increased Hydraulic performance for less frequent maintenance
  • Increased water filtration performance for cleaner water
  • Sound dampening impeller design for a quieter operation
  • Redesigned impeller cover is less prone to breakage
  • Strengthened Lift-lock clamps for a more secure closure

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MediaRinseReplaceFluval 206 (A207)Fluval 306 (A212)Fluval 406 (A217)Fluval FX5 (A218)Fresh waterMarineWhat it does
Ammonia Remover
Removes Ammonia (toxic)
Bio-Foam3 Months6 MonthsA236A237A237
-xxTraps heavy particles, hosts beneficial bacteria, enhances bio. Filtration
3mo. Only 1/2A1456A1456
xxHosts large colonies of beneficial bacteria, reduces ammonia & nitrite
xxRemoves odors and improves water clarity
3 MonthsA1348A1348
xxTraps odor causing phospate, nitrite, & nitrate resulting in clear water
Foam Block/InsertMonthlyBi-MonthlyA222A222
A226A228xxCaptures large particles and debris, enhances biological filtration
Peat Granules
PH & KH lvls DA1465A1465
Naturally lowers water hardness and pH
Polishing Pad
7-10 DaysA242A244A244
A246xxRemoves fine particles to maintain water clarity
Polishing Pad Fine
4 Weeks---A248xxRemoves fine particles to maintain water clarity
xxTraps heavy particles to prevent clogging of other media
Carbon (removes odors, discoloration) plus ammonia remover

3 Review(s)

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  1. Excellent by
    5.0 1 5
    I ordered the Fluval 406 to replace an old Fluval 404. 11/24 and received it on the 30th. All is working well. Excellent value.
    (Posted on 11/30/2013)
  2. Good filter, easy to set up, lots of room for media by
    4.0 1 5
    This is a good filter. The set up I found very simple. You can use whatever media you want though it comes with all media.
    I only had to pump two times in order to get it to prime. Not as quiet as an Eheim, but you have to get within a foot to hear the motor. I like the fact that the canister is of an almost unbreakable plastic. My only concern is with the impeller cover.
    The cover is still a clip-in design versus a screw on design which most manufacturers are using.
    (Posted on 4/11/2013)
  3. Worth every penny by
    5.0 1 5
    First off Value Pet Supplies inspects package prior to shipping. Extremely fast shipping. I will be a repeat customer. I owned the previous model 405, I sold it because it was so difficult to prime and was loud. I went to tetra whisper quiet filters, don't let the name fool you, not at all quiet, in fact so loud I was considering taking down tank. After reading about improvements in the 406 model I decided to give it another try. Silence is golden....I am in love with my tank again. This canister filter is so quiet I literally need to put my hand on it to make sure it is running. You literally only need to pump the prime twice to remove the air. The filtration is awesome less than 24 hours after installing my water is crystal clear. My fish are happy and far more active. Most importantly I am happy. If you are on the fence about this purchase, don't be. Buy it now, you will not be disappointed. I can't praise this enough. I very rarely if ever leave a review for a product. I felt compelled to do so, not only for the Fluval 406 but also for Value Pet Supplies. No, I am not an employee of either company, just an extremely satisfied customer. (Posted on 2/19/2012)

3 Review(s)

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