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Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Aquarium Kit 8 gal.

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With their vibrant colours and entertaining disposition, freshwater shrimp (called ebi in Japanese) are a truly fascinating species to collect and keep. And thanks to the increasing availability of a wide variety of remarkable shrimp species, freshwater shrimp-keeping continues to rise in popularity. The Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat kit includes everything you need to enjoy this wonderful and increasingly-popular hobby.

Fluval Ebi, nano shrimp habitat includes:

    Aquarium capacity: 30 L (7.9 U.S. Gal.) Aquarium size: 35 x 30 x 30 cm (13.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 in)
  • Fully equipped with key components to provide the ideal habitat for freshwater shrimps and crayfish
  • Aquarium with seamless front panel and glass top
  • Comprehensive care guide for the advanced or beginner
  • Nano aquarium filter ensures proper filtration, for clear water and a healthy environment.
  • Balanced full spectrum lighting highlights the beauty of shrimp and promotes plant growth.
  • Fluval Stratum is the ideal substrate for Freshwater Shrimp and maintains clear water conditions.
  • Glass cover protects shrimp from climbing out of the tank
  • Rock background is installed and molded from actual rock, adding realism to the kit
  1. Nice tank but defects still exist Review by Ed
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    All I can say is "Thank God" I took the time to read other reviews before setting up my tank. One of the most common complaints I read was about the rock background coming loose and shooting up. This had broken the glass top on some peoples tanks and the light on others.Either way it caused a large mess and necessitated the removal of the water to repair.This would be very upsetting to the tank occupants as well as the fish tank owner. Many people said Fluval was aware of this problem and had fixed the issue. I assure you they have not. As soon as I opened my new tank I inspected it to make sure the styrofoam backing was securely attached. It seems when it was installed there were 6-8 small dabs of silicone which were placed on it that were supposed to hold it to the rear glass.Brand new from the factory half of those were already not holding. Grabbing the insert from the bottom it easily popped free and came right out of the tank. Had I filled the tank with water I would have had a styrofoam missile that so many others speak of. I instead went to the store and got a large tube of Silicone 1 grade silicone.I scraped off the old small dots left by the factory and then wiped the back wall glass with isopropyl alcohol to clean it. I then applied new silicone to the styrofoam making 8-10 long lines on the back before pressing it firmly against the glass. After 2 days of drying it is in there the way the factory should have done it in the first place. It is a shame that a company of their size and usually great reputation would continue to allow this defect to persist after being told about it numerous times by their customers.If you don't feel comfortable doing this simple repair before setting up your new tank then I suggest you buy a different one. (Posted on 8/6/13)

  2. Excellent Package Review by Redbirdaz
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    I set my EBI tank up at work and have received many comments on how attractive it is. All I added was the RO water, some moss plants and a piece of driftwood and lace rock to complete the look. I currently have my CR shrimp in the tank and they are flourishing (they love the Fluval stratum). Their white and red color stands out against the stratum and provided rock background. Highly recommend and get it from Value Pet Supplies at a great price and free shipping when offered. April 2011 (Posted on 4/30/11)

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