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The Fluval G3 Nitrate cartridge is for use with the Fluval G3 advanced filter and will remove up to 13000 mg of nitrate ion in fresh water aquariums. Nitrate concentration should not exceed 20 mg/L in freshwater aquariums; Planted aquariums require approximately 5mg/L of nitrate as a source of nitrogen for healthy plant growth.

In a 300 L freshwater aquarium with a 30 mg/L nitrate concentration, the use of Fluval G Nitrate cartridge will quickly remove all excess of nitrate in a couple of days. If left in the filter it will then maintain a low nitrate level for a period of time that is strictly dependent on the type of aquarium (quantity and type of fish, type of fish food and so on). Nitrate is irreversibly trapped and bound and will not leach back into the water. The continuous use of the Fluval G Nitrate cartridge in aquariums with persistent nitrate problems is an effective solution against nitrate accumulation. If used as a quick solution to reduce elevated nitrate concentrations the cartridge can be removed once levels have normalized and then stored until required.

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