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Pet Studio Dog Ramp Folds Flat Carpeted 3 Step Stairs

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BRAND: Pet Studio
SKU ZA65903
UPC 721343659037

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Regular Price: $224.99
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Our Pet Studio RampStep is the pet step system for skittish pets that won't use pet steps! Innovative design converts steps into an easy-to-use ramp to make it effortless for pets to reach sofas, beds, and more. Sturdy mahogany-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130 lbs. Each step measures 12"D x 16"W and is covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting. Perfect for aging or arthritic pets. Folds flat for storage. Handle and steps that lock in place increase portability. No assembly required. Three Step measures 40"L x 17 1/2"W x 19 1/2"H

  1. Excellent Review by Paul
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    Easy setup just unfold, Well made and easy to change to a ramp. Steps are wide and deep easy for the dog to get up.They do take up space so be aware before buying.Well worth the price! (Posted on 7/28/14)

  2. Just buy it! Review by Jack's Mom
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    We have a yellow lab who is about 8 yrs old and still acts like a puppy - but we have a fairly tall bed and I had been wanting something for him to use to get up and down a little more gently to save some wear on his joints. First of all, shipping was quick and it arrived well packaged. Set up was fast and easy. I personally think the whole thing looks really nice, I don't feel strongly about the carpeting one way or the other. The color doesn't bother me a bit. He absolutely loves it!! Got the hang of it fast and now we can tell he prefers it (if he is on the other side of the bed, he will go out of his way to run around to the other side just to use his steps). We have wood flooring and part of the steps are on a rug, which helps keep it from slipping. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product, worth absolutely every penny!! (Posted on 5/29/14)

  3. Good quality but took to much space Review by dachshund lover
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    The steps are very good quality. The best I've seen. The 3 steps are very space consuming. Make sure you have the room for them. We are returning it since it was sticking out to far and taking up to much space. Also didn't like the color of the carpet on the steps. It's a pinkish color. (Posted on 3/22/14)

  4. Fabulous Product Review by Myndsi
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    My FL home has tile flooring throughout. My rat terrier, Zoe, is starting to get up in years (12). I'm concerned about her jumping off the couch or bed & slipping / skidding onto the floor & getting hurt. And I've noticed there are times it's been sketchy for her jumping up on the furniture.

    The ramp arrived, well packaged & no damages to the box. It is well made & very easy to set up as a ramp or with the steps. We're using the steps. She's been a little resistant going up but is using it to get off the bed with coaxing.

    I would recommend this product to family & friends. (Posted on 2/9/14)

  5. Excellent product Review by na
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    If your dog has a bad back, this step/ramp is well made, sturdy, and requires no assembly. It's the tallest one that isn't 5 feet long. It's also wider than others, which gives the dog comfort that he won't fall off. (Posted on 11/29/13)

  6. Love it! Review by Daisy
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    We love this dog ramp for our small Maltese who likes to sleep with us but can't jump on the bed. She finds it very easy to get up and down the stairs. As well we have a 14 year old Bichon who also has no problem manoeuvring the stairs. The product is study and folds away easily if we don't need it. Great product!
    (Posted on 10/18/13)

  7. great! Review by Dog Lover
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    Great quality, great packaging for shipping-- arrived in perfect condition. Great width and riser height for my dog's comfort and ease of use. In other words, he wouldn't go up any steps that were too narrow or steep. I'm using these for the car (SUV) and because they are not very high I am having my dog use them at the back passenger door rather than the back door, but this is working out fine. I only wish that the same company made a lighter weight model for cars that would be easy to lift in and out. However, these steps are still lighter than my dog! : ) (Posted on 8/26/13)

  8. Good stuff Review by elarsen1975
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    I'm a dog trainer with an older Lab who needs some help getting up and down the stairs. We just got these the day before yesterday but I think they are well made and easy to move around. Lincoln (my Lab) will go down the stairs easily but feels a bit uncomfortable going up the stairs. A few days of luring her with treats and she should be fine. (Posted on 6/11/13)

  9. mastiff? Review by w
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    I have an English Mastiff who will not climb into the Explorer.These steps look perfect! He will not use a scarey. I bet he would use these,except,will they hold him? He weighs 189lbs? (Posted on 4/8/13)

  10. Great Pet steps Review by siess
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    These stairs/ramp are great. They are very well constructed, all put together, so there is no struggling to assemble, and they convert from steps to a ramp in a flash. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was zooming up and down them in no time at all. The shipping box arrived in three days via fedex in great condition. The stairs are double boxed and surrounded by foam panels. Yours was the lowest price I found, and with the free shipping it was really a bargain for such a quality product. I had thought about going with something cheaper, but after reading the reviews for the fifty dollar knockoff which came in a jillion pieces, I decided to go with quality. These stairs will be part of our Cavalier family for many years. (Posted on 1/30/13)

  11. 100 Per Cent Satisfaction Review by What My Dog Sees in Me
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    I am 100 Per Cent Satisfied with my purchase of this pet ramp. Two months ago, after researching on the web, I bought this ramp from ValuePets. It was the best price by far. The package arrived within a few days at free shipping. (I live in Western NY State & it is shipped from TN.) Though a big & heavy box, there was not a dent on the box or a scratch on the ramp itself. The packing was such that had I wanted to return it, it would have been easy to do so. Sometimes, in unpacking, a shipping box is in shambles &/or the product is impossible to repack. The ramp is a quality piece of furniture...real wood, well constructed, excellent hinges, etc. The carpet is a slightly pinkish beige but I read someplace that it resists dirt & staining (important when one thinks of dog paws on it) & importantly, is made to be non-slippery to the dog's paws. I have 3 dogs but this was purchased in particular for my very small girl Scotty who has been sleeping with me on my bed since I acquired her almost 10 years ago. I bought a new bed & she was unable to ascend into the bed. She whimpers & wakes me if I am sleeping until I get out of bed & let her join me....which I want her to do. My sleep was being disrupted. The first day I got the ramp, she was too frightened to use it. However, with one of her brothers using it much better & with the use of lots of treats & soothing vocal encouragement, my little girl Scotty became a pro-ramp climber within a few days. She LOVES using the ramp & she even takes naps on my bed during the day. Who says you can't teach an older dog "new tricks"? The ramp is sturdy & obviously even an initially apprehensive dog can learn to trust using the ramp. I am so happy I got it. The ramp does take up a little room but my dogs share this home with me & sharing space is what animal lovers do. Also, the ramp folds up nicely & can be stored flat under a bed, flat up against a wall, etc. I am keeping the heavy packing box in my attic if I need some day to store it there. I am extremely pleased with this purchase....the price, the quality, the free shpping, the innovation of a ramp that my dogs trust. BTW...somewhere I read that these ramps are not being made anymore???? If one reading this is on the fence, perhaps you need to make a decision quickly. Call ValuePets & inquire as to continued availability. I am 100 % pleased & unconditionally recommend this for owners of pets who weigh under 130 pounds. (Posted on 2/2/12)

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  13. Overall nice ramp for med-small dogs Review by Hill in TX
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    I bought this for my 12 year old shepherd/husky mix who is 65 lbs. It's a very nice finish, sets up easily out of the box, and is easy to move around. The conversion from steps to ramp or a combo is great! It does blend in like a piece of furniture. My dog my be a little to long/tall for this, but we are working on getting him more comfortable with getting all paws on the steps and actually using it. For a larger dog, a longer/gradual sloped ramp may be a better option, but I am tight on space in the bedroom, so wanted to give it a try. Will keep it, it's worth the money and well priced for the quality. Just keep in mind, even though it is suited for dogs up to 200 lobs, do not, as a human, try to walk on it. I did, and split one of the joints. My fault as the instructions specifically state not to do that! (Posted on 1/11/12)

  14. Great Good Looking Stairs Review by pj
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    This was a great find. It is very sturdy and sleek looking. My small dog uses it to access a raised doggie door to get to the patio area. She took to using it right away. In the future, whenever stairs become a problem for her, it can switch to a ramp quickly and easily. Can't go wrong on this product. (Posted on 1/5/12)

  15. Well made pet ramp Review by gardenlover
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    This is nice and handy. My elderly dog was ill and had trouble getting on the bed so I bought this for her. Looks good, easy to use. Her health improved so I don't need to use it now and the best part about that is it fits neatly under the bed when not in use. (Posted on 12/17/11)

  16. You & Your Pet(s) Will Love This!!! Review by Elizabeth
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    This will be a long review because this is an outstanding product. First, I ordered it on Sunday evening from the Vauepetsupplies home in TN. It arrived Tuesday midday at my home in western NY state. Free shipping at the time I ordered. Sometimes, free shipping is slow. Next, the box (quite large) was in pristine condition. The stairs are packed securely in another box inside with styrofoam & heavy cardboard, Not a scratch or dent on the stairs. The dog ramp is also packed in such a way that one could easily repack it to send it back should anything not be perfect. Third, the quality of the wood, wood finish, metal parts, construction, attached handle for carrying, stability when opened... is just outstanding. I, too, am not totally pleased with the pinkish cast to the beige carpeting but I read some place that this carpet is special...non-slid to make the dogs feel their paws are secure. Also, the carpeting repels dirt. I got one dog with a dirty paw on it & the dirt wiped up easily with a microfibre cloth & water. (I have 3 Scotties.) The price of this beautifully contructed "piece of furniture" is the best at Valuepets. I found the exact item at other websites for considerably more. Now for the really good part. Within about 3 days my precious little girl Scotty had overcome her trepidation at this strange thing in my bedroom. (The first day I was concerned that she would never use it but I was wrong.) She is now going up & down the stairs with ease. To help me sleep better, I recently bought a high end Prana bed which is wonderful for me but much higher than my older bed. There is no way my little girl Scottie could get into my bed though she has been sleeping at my head, sharing one of my pillows, since she was a puppy. I could easily lift her into bed but then in the middle of the night she usually jumps off and sleeps on the floor for a while. Then, while I am in deep sleep, she puts her paws on the side of the bed and whimpers. I wake up & cannot ignore her plea for assistance. She is too captivating & sweet to tell her to be quiet & leave me alone. I have to get up and out of bed and lift her back up into bed. I am not getting the rest I need. By using treats, gentle encouragement, patience...and the modeling of her youngest Scotty brother (her twin brother does not sleep upstairs at all by his choice), my little girl quickly adjusted to the steps within 3 days. Before ordering, I read all of the reviews. People wasted a lot of money on less expensive "stairs, ramps" that ended up being useless. I encourage people to go to this Pet Studio Dog Ramp (which does fold up to make it more movable and storable should the occasion arise) & forget trying to get something "less expensive." The 3-step goes up to the top of my new bed by about an inch short. It gives security to my little girl Scotty by being an additional flat space next to her. I do not have to be concerned about her harming herself by jumping off the high bed. (I am using it strictly as stairs & not at all as a ramp. I just like it better that way but the ramp version would work for different breeds I am sure.) Unconditionally recommended. (Posted on 12/4/11)

  17. Great products, solid enough for big dogs Review by Janice
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    I bought these because my 100-pound, 10-year-old shep mix was having a big more trouble jumping up on my bed, which is higher than a typical bed. She was recovering from ACL surgery, and I thought this would give her an option where she could get up and down from the bed without jumping on her injured leg. The steps seemed well made and solid enough to take her weight. Unfortunately, she had no interest in using them, and after several days of trying, I put them away. Six months later, she was fully recovered from her surgery, but I'd noticed when she wanted to get on the bed, she'd have to to out into the hallway to get a running jump so she could make it up. I was worried she'd try to jump up and miss, injuring herself. And some days, it was clear she wanted to be up on the bed but didn't have the energy to make the big leap up. One morning she was pacing around the bed, clearly wanting to be up there with me, but not convinced she could make it, so I took out the stairs again. I coaxed her up in the same way I would with agility, and I saw the expression change on her face the moment she "got it." Since then, I leave the steps out and when I come home from work, she's often on the bed. She's back to sleeping with me most nights, and I am delighted to have given her back the opportunity to enjoy the bed when she wants to. The steps themselves are attractive and well made, and solid enough to feel stable even with her hundred pounds of weight. That they come ready to use right out of the box is a huge plus, as I'm not big on assembling stuff. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it. Don't be discouraged if your pet doesn't take to the steps right away -- try using treats to coax your dog up and do it several times in a row like a game. Once your dog gets the hang of it, you'll both be delighted! (Posted on 11/19/11)

  18. Quality good/Carpet not so good Review by Cathy
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    The product is great & excellent quality. I changed the color of mine tho and think they should offer more colors.

    THE CARPET, however, IS AWFUL. It looks like it bled red in the wash that turned a salmon-pink color. The photos show more of an off-white color. (Posted on 10/24/11)

  19. Strong & Well made!! Review by amyson
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    Purchased these steps for my 4 year old Boxer who is starting to have hip problems. At first she was scared but after a bit of training she was running up and down them with in the hour. These are great, very sturdy & don't move at all when she uses them. STeps are wide and carpet is reassuring. I have purchased pet steps that fell apart in the past. This is well worth the money. Love that they foldup too to be stored under our bed. (Posted on 9/24/11)

  20. Great and stylish Review by Lil NUT
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    My 5 lb 6 month old chiweenie Peanut loves to be able to get on the bed by herself and we love that she is protecting her joints for the many years to come by using the ramp to get off the bed! (Posted on 9/20/11)

  21. Great quality stairs, great company, great employees Review by Mariel1951
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    Can't say enough of this company and Doug on the chat room who helped me place my order after answering my questions. Great company who delivered my stairs 2 days after I ordered it and this through the free shipping. Great quality stairs. They are large (deep and wide) stairs my dog loves to use. My German shepherd weighs 70 lbs and after one day of hesitation thinks this is the coolest thing since the invention of doggy cookies (LOL). I am soooooooo glad I chose these stairs after so much internet and store research. You won't regret it. The cherry wood is plain GORGEOUS, the hardware holding the stairs is very strong and the whole thing is top quality (and I am very picky buyer!) (Posted on 8/19/11)

  22. Without a doubt the best solution Review by Larry G
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    We have a Yorkie with knee problems and a Beagle with significant neck/back issues, so jumping on the bed would not work for either. These stairs, firmly constructed and very high quality, make it extremely easy for both of them to move back and forth from the bed effortlessly. We looked at a lot of options here, and are glad we choice this product. (Posted on 8/13/11)

  23. we love these stairs! Review by GoldenPup00
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    My 75-lb, 6 yr old arthritic golden retriever LOVES these stairs! She thinks they are a game. We bought them to help her up to the bed. At first she jumped clear over them but was rewarded w/ treats when she used them properly. They do not move under her large frame even when she runs up them, and have rubber bottoms for my hardwood floor. The steps are WIDE, sturdy, and excellent for large dogs (those of you with large dogs know it's hard to find pet steps for them). She did not care for the ramp. I have a studio apt but they surprisingly don't take up much space. One thing to note: they look different than the photo. The wood is more cherry red and the carpet is more pinkish red, but they are very pretty. They don't really fit my decor, but the point is to help my dog take it easy on her joints so I consider this a great purchase! I was hesitant about the cost, but you really do get what you pay for. If you have a large dog and need doggy steps, look no more! (Posted on 8/5/11)

  24. Wonderful Review by Opinion02122
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    I have wasted so much money on dog step that were totally unreliable for big dogs, but no more This ramp/ stairs is terrific. It is extremely easy to set up as stairs or ramp and light enough to move easily. Being handicapped, that was very important to me. The dog often felt unsteady on the cheap plastic stairs, but these are sturdy and can take her weight (110 lbs) easily. Wish I had found them years ago. (Posted on 5/10/11)

  25. Great ramp/ stairs Review by EH
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    My dog has had acl issue for a while now. These are a nice soild heavy set of wood stairs that work great as a ramp or stairs. My dog uses these about 75-80% of the time compared to our plastic stairs she used 25%. She is a 25lbs spaniel, but these are wide enough and strong enough for a much heavier dog. (Posted on 4/12/11)

  26. Easy Car Access Review by Iris's mom
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    This stair/ramp is wonderful. My dog balked at ramps. Refused to walk up any ramp. When I saw that these were also "stairs" I took a chance and ordered it. The stairs are perfect...nice and wide and secure, and my dog has no problem walking up to get into the back of our hatchback. She has arthritis and weighs 58 lbs. I can't lift her. Now I can take her to the Vet, to the groomer, and to visit relatives. Very sturdy, easy to handle... just exactly what I wanted. 5 stars for sure! (Posted on 4/8/11)

  27. Great buy! Review by Suzie in SC
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    These steps are very well made and look nice even if you leave them out. Any time you want to put them up, they fold quickly and slide right under the bed. My little Yorkie loves them. The steps are nice and wide so its easy for him to go up and down. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  28. Good Product Review by Abby
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    The Pet Ramp/Stairs is a well made product, and is very sturdy. Unfortunately, I had to return it because my dog would not use it. She is a 12 year old, arthritic, 105lb Bouvier, and the steps were a little too narrow. She tended to slip off the side of the steps, so 3 to 4 more inches of width would be helpful for a dog that size. However, this is a great product for smaller and older dogs who would not be afraid of the width. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  29. Beagle Ready Review by Sam
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    Use to assist dog in and out of bed (Posted on 3/10/11)

  30. Dogs Love It! Review by DeuxWoofs
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    My old cocker spaniels no longer were able to get up into the bed unassisted. The stairs offer them an easy way to get in and out of bed. After a little baiting with treats, they caught on quickly. Putting the stairs directly at the foot of the bed (vertically) is much preferred over "next" to the bed which requires them to turn at the top stair. The stairs are a beautiful wood and the carpeting keeps their larger paws on the stair as opposed to slipping off. I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  31. Highly Recommended Review by Heide
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    Great product for small dogs....beautifully handcrafted and blends in nicely with my high end bedroom furniture. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  32. Great looking, versatile! Review by Gryphon1123
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    This is the best-looking and best-operating pet stairs we found after searching for some time. One of our dogs is getting older and the other had a leg removed due to cancer. It was getting more difficult for them to hop up onto our bed, and these stairs are the perfect solution! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  33. Nice Quality Review by Pet Lover
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    This ramp/step is well built but it needs to be about 3-4" taller for most standard bed heights these days. Our 12lb senior dog cannot use it at all when it is set up as a ramp - the angle is too steep for the length. When set up as steps he will use it fine.
    It is attractive enough to add to a main living space for couch assistance while at the same time very easy to flatten and move out of the way if necessary.
    I cannot see a med/large dog using this. It would need to have wider longer steps.
    We have it set up in a carpeted room only. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  34. Excellent product Review by Dog lover
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    This product is wonderful for allowing access to high places. Our dog (60lbs) uses it to climb to the bed. Very sturdy and works well - it is used in ramp form most of the time. Folds flat for easy storage. Great product. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  35. I love my folding pet stairs. Well made Review by misha girl
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    Nice looking, easy to use, sturdy, just what we needed. Only one that folded up so we could slide it under the bed.
    Nice man who answered the phone in sales. Helpful. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  36. So Easy Review by Bugsy & Tink's Mom
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    No assembly, just unfold. Very solid and sturdy. Attractive looking, and good quality product. Nice large step platforms. Folds flat for storage if desired when not in use. My 2 small dogs used it immediately, without hesitation. More costly than the molded plastic steps, but worth it. [...] (Posted on 3/10/11)

  37. Great product! Review by DMGpets
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    [...]. No assembly, just open the ramp and go. Our dog (13 yrs old, 70 lbs) used it with very little convincing the first time (which I didn't expect). Now we are just trying to make it a habit for him. So far we have been very impressed with the quality of the steps. Very happy with the purchase and well worth the money if it gets our aging pup back snuggling in the bed! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  38. Better than we'd hoped for! Review by Jo
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    Our cats came to us at 14 and 15 years old with many habits. The worst habit was using the carpet as a scratching post. Now the largest and most destructive one uses the ramp. At least we can change out the carpet on it instead of house. Much cheaper. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  39. I would buy this product again and again Review by Roarri the pug
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    My pug had jumped off our bed and hurt his shoulder. So we had to do something to keep him from hurting himself more. We purchased this step for him and it only took one time of him going up and down to no that he can get up and down off our bed. Roarri really likes the step it allows him to get a drink of water during the middle of the night without having to wake us up t put him back on the bed.We purchased a second step for our grandpuppy Red dog. He has a bad shoulder also so this allows him to sleep with his mommy now to. GREAT produce would highly recommend to anyone that has a high bed and their pets sleep with them!! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  40. Carpeted Pet Ramp Review by bar_dahl
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    My 11-yr-old kitty cat ADORED this pet ramp as soon as I set it up. Now, Mary doesn't have to move into place next to the bed, and to contemplate the challenge of jumping high enough to get onto the bed. She is very happy, and, when Mary is happy, everyone is happy. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  41. Nice steps Review by Bodhi
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    I looked through all the pet steps I could online and decided that this one was the best. It can be either steps or a ramp, and folds for storage. We are very happy with it and our dog learned how to use it very quickly, probably because steps are familiar to him. My only slight disappointment is that the carpet color was not what I expected. It is a beige/rose color. I can live with it, but I would have prefered something more neutral. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  42. Dogs to slumbering bliss Review by E
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    These stairs are wonderful. they meet the height requirement for my bed, with the extra thick mattress. I have a 50 and 20 pound dog who use the stairs all the time. the stairs are rather heavy, but made of good construction and easy to set up. a quality product. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  43. The BEST steps Review by Doxi Mom
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    We have two mini dachshunds and these steps are wonderful. Soooo much better than the flimsy plastic ones. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  44. Beautiful piece Review by Pixie
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    This gives my older dogs more independence to jump into bed without needing a lift from me every time. It took a few days and some coaxing with treats for them to trust it but now they do. The steps worked better for us than the ramp, but it was great to have the option. I like that it matches our bedroom furniture and folds down easily. Great product. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  45. Sturdy, stylish and functional Review by Picky about purchases
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    I purchased this product for my aging dog who is no longer able to jump up onto the couch. We would place him on the couch before bed and sometimes he would jump off and then bark to indicate he needed to get back on the couch. Sleep being a high priority in my home, I immediately set out to research our options. We tried a step stool and some other methods, but he was not confident enough to use them. After showing him how to use the Pet Studio Dog Ramp a few times, he quickly learned that the steps were stable, wide and deep enough for him to stop at each step if he needs to. The incline of the ramp did not suit him but it probably would be fine for other dogs. For this reason, the versatility of step vs ramp is a big plus. This product also looks nice in our living room, which I'm pleased with since I did not want to introduce a tacky, semi-permanent item into our existing furniture mix. Though not its intended use, my 2 year-old likes it too because it allows her to get onto the couch unassisted. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  46. Very well made Review by EP
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    I think my old dog in insulted but it sure is a good product! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  47. Great steps Review by Lashes
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    I have a puppy with a bad back. She can't jump and these steps are a great way for her to get up on things. They are well made and large steps. I love them and so does the pup!! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  48. I would buy this product again and again Review by Melissa the pet rescuer
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    It's functional and is actually a beautiful piece of furniture. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  49. Perfect! Review by Starbaby
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    I bought these steps to keep my senior Bullmastiff from hurting herself when jumping up and off the bed. It's a beautiful piece of furniture, well constructed and easy to use. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  50. Great Product Review by Dog friends
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    We bought this product for our 2 pets, a pug with a knee issue and a beagle with hip issue. We looked at a range of step and ramp products. This product is pricey and it is worth every penny. Well constructed, heavy duty. Steps are nicely paded and large enough for the dog to full stand on if they need to go slow. Our dogs immediately took to the steps. the ability to collapse and fold it up when guests are over is very nice too. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  51. Great product, exactly what I needed! Review by Chris
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    Bought this for our 60lb Lab who is now 8 and has arthritis. Now she can easily get up/down from our bed. Stores easily, nice handle to carry. No assembly required!! Very satisfied with the quality of the product! [...] (Posted on 3/10/11)

  52. Photos don't do justice, Max loves them Review by Cindy
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    My Yorkie hurt his back jumping on and off furniture, but he loves to sleep on our bed. I tried other steps, but he wouldn't or couldn't get used to them. He was confidently using these to go up and down within hours. These steps are VERY attractive, and they are high enough to give him access to our very tall bed. They are also sturdy enough for me to use them as a step stool onto the bed. The carpeting provides traction, and the steps are big enough for him to fit his whole body. Side benefit: the cats like to use them, too, though they don't need to. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  53. Bulldog friendly Review by City dog
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    Purchased because my back could no longer take the lifting of my 60lb english bulldog on/off the bed. Both his knees have been operated on so we needed something sturdy enough for his weight and gentle on his knees - this product has been the perfect fit and he started using it right away. For his build, would have preferred a slightly wider and deeper steps but still works great. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  54. Great product Review by Jeff, the Tricksie lover
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    Terrific product! Compared with others, the 3 stairs have a longer, more gradual incline, making them perfect for our small, older dog. Very good looking and well-made. Also dealing with Value Pet Supplies has been a nice experience and we have since bought other products. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  55. A nice piece of furniture, useful too! Review by bbb
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    Very well made. Sturdy; can support a medium-sized adult human (though not recommended). Not light, but not terribly heavy. Nice wood finish. Folds into a flat package, there's even a handle on the back for easy carrying. Change ramp to steps by lifting each step and folding out a wooden support. Steps are large, easy for any size dog to maneuver. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  56. Awesome Product Review by DFaulk67
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    We were looking for dog steps that would support the weight of our Boxer and not look big and bulky. She is 65 + lbs. She likes to sit in the front bay window sill while we are away and jumping on and off was putting a strain on her and scratching our hardwood floors. We were also looking for something that was open on the sides since the area we needed it was above a heat register. Right out of the box I opened it everything was together and set them up without an issue. We could set it up as a ramp or steps and it looks great with the other furniture. The carpeted steps are great she won't slip off going up or down the steps. It folds up easily. There is a small cubby hole under the window where we store it at night so we stand it on it's side against the wall. There also are pads on the on the bottom that prevent slipping and scratching the floors. [...] (Posted on 3/10/11)

  57. great quality! worth every penny! Review by yorkie owner
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    I have a yorkie that is getting older and she has a very difficult time jumping onto our bed and the couches. I have purchased other steps in the past, but she refuses to use them because they are not as durable and she doesnt feel confident using them. This is much better, as the steps are wide and deep. My yorkie is not fearful of using it. we have been thinking about purchasing this for a while, so I am happy we finally did. its well worth the money. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  58. Great pet stairs! Review by Darcy Doodle's mom
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    My husband and I purchased these stairs for our 65 pound Labradoodle. We purchased it for her because she has some difficulty leaping up onto our fairly high bed after a day of running around. We made an exhaustive online search and read many customer reviews about this and similar products and we're extremely satisfied with this product for many reasons. It is very attractive and well made for the price. It is easy to use and folds up easily when not in use. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  59. well worth the investment! Review by happy customer
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    Although a bit pricey, this ramp was well worth the money. It is attractive, sturdy and easy for my dog to use. It only took a bit of coaxing to get her to climb the stairs. The steps are wide enough to allow easy access and the carpeted steps provide a non-slip surface. Since it is portable, it would probably work very well with a vehicle too. Although I like the color of the carpeting, it would be nice if the manufacturer provided a few choices. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  60. Sturdy, and not ugly! Review by patticakes
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    My older dog is starting to have difficulty jumping up on the bed and she would be leery of anything that didn't feel solid under her feet, but she is very comfortable with it.
    I ordered it during the big Chicago snow storm and thought it would be a long time before it would manage to get delivered, but it came promptly! Great service. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  61. High Quality Review by Ula's Mom
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    I love this product, but didn't care for the carpet color, so I had it recarpeted to my exact carpet. They look custom, and are high quality. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  62. Pet Studio Dog Ramp Review by Cass H
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    The Pet Studio Dog Ramp is one of the nicest stair/ramp options I have seen made to date. [...] This piece is also made of quality material and is very sturdy. It affords an easier transition for our dog to get up and down from the furniture rather than jumping and placing unneccessary stress on his joints. The only disappointment I have with this piece is that the carpet is much different than portrayed in the pictures. Instead of being neutral or tan, it is more of a sunset pink. Definitely not what I wanted, and I considered returning it however, the other pros outweigh the one con. It took a little while for our bulldog to want to use it, but with a little patience and encouragement, it has been a wonderful tool to utilize. Overall, great purchase... just hope they choose a better carpet color... then it would be 5 stars, for sure! (Posted on 3/10/11)

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