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BRAND: Habitrail

SKU: 62725-12PK-IN
UPC: 816306012025

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Habitrail OVO is quite possibly the most innovative and contemporary hamster habitat ever made. With a bright, fresh look and creative design, OVO includes everything young hamster owners could want for their pet.

Snaky way
  • Allows you to give elongated curves to your system's trails.
  • All around perforations improve airflow and ventilation to ensure your hamster's home is always fresh.

  • Blue Curve
  • Blue Lock Connector

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  1. My personal favorite Ovo piece by
    5.0 1 5
    From a design perspective, these are my absolute favorite piece. I use them both for fashion and function.

    Compared to a single 10in tube, two curves allows minor positioning freedom. Not to mention, strings of these can be used to create helical patterns or large arches (as seen in the "Studio" picture).

    In my current setup, I use two of these to make a Studio-esque half arch around a cage, eight of these in a helix that allows for more gradual climbing, and then pairs of these in places where I had to connect new Ovo tanks to old Habitrail parts (such as the Safari Maze). The extra freedom from the two curves keeps stress off of the connector rings, so unfortunate mishaps are unlikely.

    As a closing note, it's much cheaper to buy these individually here as opposed to part of a Studio package, or (due to some pricing glitch that may eventually be fixed) as a multi-pack. In fact, as far as I have found, this is currently the cheapest place on the Internet to obtain these. Keep an eye on the multi-pack, though; I bugged support about their bizarre pricing, so they may eventually come down in price.
    (Posted on 8/23/2015)
  2. Best price out there! by
    5.0 1 5
    Valuepetsupplies has the best prices out there. The products shipped quickly and even arrived two days ahead of schedule. The neat thing about these Habitrail Ovo curves is that they can be twisted in any direction to really fit to the design you want for your hamster trails. (Posted on 10/17/2014)

2 Review(s)

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