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Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat

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BRAND: Habitrail
SKU 62612
UPC 080605626126

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Regular Price: $39.86
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Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat is the ideal home and play environment for dwarf hamsters and mice. It's a modular habitat that offers increased pet visibility and is easy to clean with its deep base design. This habitat is specially designed to meet the needs of smaller hamsters (dwarf hamsters, Roborovskis') and mice. To ensure that these smaller breeds of hamsters and mice can easily forage through their environment, the tubes in this habitat are narrower, thereby facilitating their exploring throughout their home.

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat allows for more interaction by offering accessories that are clear for easy viewing, easy to open for instant access for petting or offering of treats and modular so the habitat's design can be changed at a whim. This easy-to-assemble, fully expandable modular habitat utilizes the smaller tubing of Habitrail Mini trails and is compatible with all other Habitrail items.

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat includes a cage with an opaque white bottom, lime green retractable roof, lime green and turquoise wheel and opaque lime green stairs, feeding dish and cozy hideaway, a Habitrail OVO turquoise Water Bottle, a Habitrail OVO turquoise Den, a Habitrail OVO turquoise Transport Unit, 2 Habitrail Mini 20.3 cm (8 in) Tubes, 2 Habitrail Mini Elbows, 4 Habitrail Mini Tees, 3 Habitrail OVO turquoise Windows, 12 Habitrail OVO lime green Lock Connectors. A convenient, all-in-one-habitat solution for your small hamster or mouse!

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  1. LOVED IT! So much better than the pet stores Review by CamrenHbg
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    This cage arrived so quickly! Perfect description. We love the many compartments that you can use to access your pet. SOOO much better than the wire products sold in pet stores. (Posted on 10/13/14)

  2. Ok Review by Heyo
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    Nice, but has some problems.
    -The water bottle leaks
    -Very complicated to put together and take apart for cleaning
    (Posted on 5/5/14)

  3. Great product and awesome service!! Review by Lori
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    My hamster had a traditional wire cage. He enjoyed climbing the sides of it, but one day he fell and his leg got caught in the door opening. This caused him to break his leg and foot. While he stayed at the vets office for a week I started my search for a new cage without any wires. I decided on the Habitrail and I couldn't have made a better choice. It was so easy to assemble. Jerry came home and fell in love with it. Valuepetsupplies was reasonable for the cage and they shipped it so fast. I would highly recommend them and I will be back!! Thanks guys!!! (Posted on 3/1/14)

  4. Great product! Review by MiiMii
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    Very easy to assemble and you can add on and on. Dwarf hamster loves it. (Posted on 2/28/14)

  5. habitrail dwarf hamster habitat Review by anonymous
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    The product arrived in a quick timely manner. If you have a dwarf hamster it will not fit through the smaller tubes even though it says its for dwarf hamsters. Robo dwarfs most likely could though. Right now using the bigger connections and still a great product for hamsters just have to get the bigger size tunnels. (Posted on 8/27/13)

5 Review(s)

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