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Habitrail Ovo Maze, Pink Hamster Habitat Home

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BRAND: Habitrail
SKU 62665
UPC 080605626652

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Habitrail OVO is quite possibly the most innovative and contemporary hamster habitat ever made. With a bright, fresh look and creative design, OVO includes everything young hamster owners could want for their pet.

Easy Access and No Mess

  • The dual retractable locking doors provide easy access, simple cleaning and a safe secure environment for your pet. The deep clear base keeps bedding and other materials securely inside.

    A Maze within the Maze

    • The cool Habitrail OVO Chewable Cardboard Maze, included with the Habitrail OVO Maze, allows your hamster to burrow and forage for treats.

      If you Build It - He Will Burrow!Like the Habitrail OVO Pad, the Habitrail OVO Maze is designed to expand with your imagination. With two expansion points, the Maze is the perfect add-on to a Habitrail OVO Suite or Habitrail OVO Pad Unit.


      • Maze unit
      • Chewable Cardboard Maze
      • 1 Window
      • 1 Lock Connector

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