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BRAND: Habitrail

SKU: 62710-12PK-IN
UPC: 816306011998

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Habitrail OVO is quite possibly the most innovative and contemporary hamster habitat ever made. With a bright, fresh look and creative design, OVO includes everything young hamster owners could want for their pet.

Oh! Oh! Wrong Way
  • The Habitrail OVO U-Turn allows you to give a new direction to your design so you can have your hamster burrow back through a different trail.
  • All around perforations improve airflow and ventilation to ensure your hamster's home is always fresh

  • Pink U-Turn
  • Pink Lock Connector

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  1. Good for spicing up the path a bit by
    5.0 1 5
    Generally in a design, there's absolutely no reason to include these, but I have found two places to make use of them. One of those places is to avoid using the Ovo windows, which strike me as being less secure than the locking rings with more plumbing. This applies mostly to cubes, where I have connected the club trainer. I bridge other pairs of openings with one of these.

    The other use I've found is where a single ten-inch tube would not be the correct length to bridge two pipes. I use two of these together to squeeze out an extra degree of freedom. There is literally no alignment problem that can't be solved with three elbows, but many alignment problems can be solved with two of these. My hamster seems to dislike it when I do this, but I don't see his engineering degree.
    (Posted on 8/23/2015)

1 Review(s)

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