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KONG Ziggies Adult Large 2Lbs (4 x 8oz)

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Looking for a safe, long-lasting chew treat for your dog? Try the new and improved KONG ZIGGIES, the healthy chew treats designed for stuffing into KONG toys. Both the formula and packaging have been improved. The new formulas contain two distinct flavor and texture layers, providing a more satisfying treat for your dog. The outer layer consists of a tasty, chewy biscuit surrounding an irresistible, meaty chicken core. ZIGGIES are now available in resealable bags for improved freshness and convenience. Stuffed in KONG toys, ZIGGIES will last much longer than other chew treats. The unique chewy texture helps remove plaque and food debris, cleans teeth and freshens breath.

ZIGGIES contain highly digestible proteins, plus natural parsley and rosemary to help tame doggie breath.

ZIGGIES are extruded not molded under extreme pressure and heat. Our extrusion process creates a reliably safe treat that is highly digestible. The dual layers and textures produce a long-lasting chewy treat that wont crack or splinter.

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  1. Daily yummy Review by Jaida's Mom
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    Product KONG Ziggies Adult Large 6Lbs (12 x 8oz)

    Our Border Inu/Shiba Collie looks forward to her daily ziggie. It is her day ending treat. Made in USA. Thank you for stocking them. So much cheaper at Value Pet Supply than in stores. . (Posted on 10/19/14)

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