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Kyjen Launch-A-Ball

BRAND: Kyjen
SKU KY2447
UPC 700603024471

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Regular Price: $7.81
Sale Price: $4.50
Compare At: $9.99
Kyjen's new Launch-A-Ball is the most arm-friendly, ergonomically correct, far-launching device imaginable! The opportunity to run toward the launched ball satisfies dogs' natural urge to retrieve and will work off anxiety and energy. It's a great game of "fetch" that doesn't require you to exert exorbitant amounts of energy, or touch a slobbery ball. The patent-pending demi-cup design allows for quick release, thus sending the ball further with less arm fatigue.

Available in teal and orange, please allow us to select for you.

Dimensions: Height: 3 in. Width: 3 in. Length: 29 in.

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