Angels Eyes Arctic Blue Whitening Shampoo 16oz $13.95: MADE IN THE USA

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Angels Eyes Arctic Blue Whitening Shampoo 16oz

BRAND: Angels Eyes
SKU 50002
UPC 849039023655

In stock

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Groomer recommended
Helps make white dogs "Blindingly White"
Provides lustrous sheen on any light colored coats
Controls matting and tangling
Pleasant Tropical Scent scent
Tearless, protein enriched cleansing formula
Contains vitamins and colloidal oatmeal to condition and sooth irritation
Moisturizes and hydrates skin
Contains no peroxide, bleach, or silicone
Safe for use with topical flea control products
Groomers 4-1 concentration

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  1. White is Great by J.J. Review by Joyce
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    We have a little York-A-Poo, she is mostly white with a little apricot spot on her back. the Angel Eyes tear Stain is great it helps a lot to keep the stains under control an the Angel Eyes whitening shampoo leaves her coat so soft and fluffy. She was so easy to brush out . it works really well. The Angel Eyes ear rinse seem to work very well. Value Pet Supplies is the first place I've found the Angel Eyes Shampoo. (Posted on 6/23/14)

  2. White is Good Review by Granny Mac
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    I thought since the Angel eyes took care of tear stains I would try this Angel Eyes shampoo on my very white toy poodle. She loves playing outside but even after a bath with other whitening shampoos she would have a dull yellow color around legs instead of white. This shampoo is the best she is now white & I can keep her white plus makes her coat very more soft than is naturally. Value Pets is the first place I have ever seen Angels Eyes Shampoo. VPS is the greatest. (Posted on 12/18/12)

2 Review(s)

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