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ValuePad USA 448 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

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BRAND: ValuePad
UPC 856842002210

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Regular Price: $104.99
Sale Price: $83.99
Compare At: $119.99

Puppy Pads Contain The Wee - Not Your Carpet!

  • BONUS PACK: This case contains 448 puppy pads for the price of 400!
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Our own ValuePad puppy pads are absorbent for easy cleanup. Wonderful for puppies or incontinent dogs.
  • ValuePad puppy pads have an absorbent fluffy center with Spun Bonded Polypropylene Covering so they won't snag your dog's nails like puppy training pads with tissue-facing.
  • Quality grade even for people: Medical centers use our sanitary and disposable training pads to safeguard bedding.
  • 1st run quality training pads.
  • Color: Blue And White
  • Size tolerance: Width 21.5-22IN, Length 22.5-23IN

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  1. Price went higher by about $10. Review by Lorna Doone
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    Product ValuePad USA 224 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    Raise in price since the last time I ordered and I still haven't received them as promised. (Posted on 9/9/14)

  2. great company!!!!!! great product Review by lin
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    Product ValuePad USA 672 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    good value ! fast deliver ! .Order before, will order again . I have 2 small yorkies they do very well with these pads, makes my life much easier. thanks VALUE PET SUPPLY (Posted on 9/5/14)

  3. Great product Review by Cody's Mom
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    This is a GREAT value! Also, you don't have to go buy big boxes of pads and transport them home - love the free shipping right to my door! (Posted on 6/4/14)

  4. excellent value Review by Gerald
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    Product ValuePad USA 896 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    I have purchased from value pet supplies for several years, and their products and service is the best. (Posted on 4/25/14)

  5. Made IN USA Review by Daisylu
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    Product ValuePad USA 896 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    It is important for me to buy products that are manufactured here in the US and also patronize family owned business. The Valuepad USA just as good than a product from another country and customer service excellent from Valuepets . Buy U.S.A. ,!!!! It's time.!!!! (Posted on 2/25/14)

  6. 4+ stars Review by Lin
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    These are the best puppy pads I have found anywhere. They done a great job for my dog. But I have found by buying the USA pads the soak up much more urine. (Posted on 12/14/13)

  7. Super value for great product Review by samh1380
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    Product ValuePad USA 224 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    These are the best puppy pads I've found, at the most economical price. I've used others, and always come back. ValuePetSupplies offers the best deals, backs their products, and is great with communication before and after the sale, as well as followup if questions arise. I cannot imagine having my indoor Chihuahua's without these pads - especially during inclement weather. I've even had our cats use them. No leaks, consistent padding, perfect size. (Posted on 12/7/13)

  8. great product Review by Grace
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    I've purchased these several times. A good product and timely delivery. Great savings with bulk purchasing! (Posted on 12/1/13)

  9. satisfied Review by gigitwo
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    I was pleasantly surprised with the delivery time. (Posted on 10/10/13)

  10. Good product , Fast delivery Review by john
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    Product ValuePad USA 896 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    I’ve being ordered the same product for five years. This is the best puppy pad and great price. (Posted on 9/8/13)

  11. Amazing Service and Value Review by Tami
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    I cannot say enough good about the quality of customer service of the staff. I have had trouble with other pads from my last order - thinking I ordered incorrectly I sent an email asking for 'history' on my account. They assured me that I had been ordering the same item from the beginning. I wasn't happy with the performance in this recent batch of padd. They apologized for my trouble, suggested a WONDERFUL alternative and got my new order out immediately upon my hitting the send button. I have been a customer for two years or so and haven't ever had trouble - but when I was concerned - they even answered my email on SUNDAY! Who does that anymore? VERY VERY VERY impressed. Kudos! (Posted on 6/1/13)

  12. Good product Review by Ray
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    I own a small Havanese pup and I just love the pads. Just right for her size. I tried the 20 gram pads first with favorable results, but the 28 gram pads are better. As always fast and free shipping. Thanks for operating a good business as that is the key to success. (Posted on 3/23/13)

  13. Great company! Review by Teddi933
    Your Rating

    The package of wee wee pads I purchased was the best deal I have ever gotten! Not only were they a fraction of the cost but they arrived in about 3 days! I was pleasantly surprised that they were the soft, higher quality pads that don't leak!
    I will be ordering from value pet supplies again! (Posted on 2/13/13)

  14. Great product Review by TGER
    Your Rating

    have bought puppy pads from Value Pets for a few years now. always fast shipping and a great value. spent a little extra for these pads since made in the USA and couldn't be happier. (Posted on 2/11/13)

  15. So far so good! Review by hesh27

    Just had these pads a week and have had no leakage...
    I allow my frenchie to go a few times before replacing.
    The American made sold me and so far I am happy with the price and value. (Posted on 1/20/13)

  16. will buy again Review by Cathy
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    The product was in line with pads I'd purchased elsewhere, but I got a better price and free shipping with Value Pet. (Posted on 1/10/13)

  17. These are great. Review by Dee
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    I'd been buying the cheapest pads for some kind but wasn't really satisfied with them; they just didn't seem all that absorbent. This time I spent a few dollars extra and got the Value Pad USA ones. Much better pads for very little difference in price. I'll be getting these from now on. (Posted on 1/8/13)

  18. Great pads and Made in USA Review by Cooper
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    I bought this pack to replace the Hartz brand I have been using for years. I liked the hartz for a long time, until about 4 months ago. The quality has gone down and now they leak through. Value Pad USA is the way to go! (Posted on 2/14/12)

  19. great price for product Review by marie
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    Product ValuePad USA 672 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    The puppy pads are so affordable I can toss them out after one use by my toy poodle. I really appreciate that as they are in MY bathroom. I spent an extra $10.00 to get the American made pads, and it was worth the little extra. Thanks for the great service too! (Posted on 12/4/11)

  20. Would buy over and over! Review by Susan
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    Product ValuePad USA 224 23x24 28 gram Bonus Pack Puppy Pads

    Best puppy pads I have ever bought! Excellent customer service! A pleasure to do business with! (Posted on 6/23/11)

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