Marineland 12 pk Penguin Rite-Size B Filter Cartridge $20.92: Marineland Filter Media - AQUARIUM & FISH

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Marineland 12 pk Penguin Rite-Size B Filter Cartridge

BRAND: Marineland
UPC 816306017228

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These ready-to-use cartridges allow your media to be changed quickly. Just rinse and then drop them in. Cartridges provide a double thick polyfiber pad on one side to efficiently trap dirt and debris. The other side quickly removes dissolved pollutants by means of a patented ribbed backing that evenly distributes the super effective Black Diamond Carbon.

Value Pack contains 2 6-Packs

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  1. Easy to use Review by Suskat
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    Use the product to maintain 20-gal tropical fish tank. The cartridge is easy to use since it only requires replacement every week depending on how often one makes the required water change. I think product could use a bit more carbon, but my opinion only. It works great at trapping the debris as the powerful Marineland bio-wheel Penguin Power Filter filters the water. It has made it easy on me since all I have to do is rake the gravel after removing all plants and other tank items and the "stuff" is removed as the water is filtered through. Then I replace the cartidge with a new one or depending on amount of debris, I just rinse it. This way the "ecological balance" isn't disturbed too much and tank looks clean. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  2. Good Deal Review by Eyball
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    Good deal on fish filters much cheaper than the local pet stores. (Posted on 3/10/11)

2 Review(s)

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