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BRAND: Nylabone

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Durable chew for dogs features a soft EZ carry Minty fresh center and durable ends for powerful chewers. Dental nubs help control tartar.

Double Action Souper is 9"

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  1. Outlasts Our Boxer/Pitbull Chewing Machine! by
    5.0 1 5
    Since the day we brought him home as an 11 pound puppy, our Boxer/Pitbull mix has easily destroyed any toy we placed in front of him. An additional problem is that he actually eats whatever he is able to chew apart! Four years and another 40 pounds later, and his jaws are still going strong! Even toys advertised for the "most aggressive chewers" lasted only minutes...as soon as he was able to stabilize the toys between his paws and get his back/side jaw around some part of it, it was a done deal! We had resorted to just allowing him to drag smaller logs off the wood pile into the house, and cleaning/vacuuming up the mess that he left behind when he was done with those. Plus the two riding lawnmower tires that I found on the side of the road, but are too big to fit in/out the dog door! Until I found these! He ABSOLUTELY LOVES these and THEY LAST! He has two of them so he is able to have at one in the house and one in the yard at all times, depending on where he leaves them. I am only having to buy a new one because one of them got run over by the riding lawnmower (I let the grass get WAY too tall) which destroyed it. A warning though...they are heavy and the edges do get sharp, so if your dog is inclined to get all excited when you get home, and grabs it then runs up to you all in a tizzy, it WILL scratch the daylights our of a bare leg (which is particularly troublesome for kids). It also hurts when you step or trip on it! We have simply learned to watch where we are walking because these are well worth the occasional stubbed toe or scratched leg to keep him occupied, happy, and chewing on something he is SUPPOSED to chew on. I highly recommend these for YOUR "most aggressive chewer"! (Posted on 6/7/2013)

1 Review(s)

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