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Red Barn

Red Barn

The more pet supplies you can manufacture on your own, the easier it is to control things like quality and service. That's the philosophy of Red Barn. Located in Great Bend, Kansas, Red Barn has been manufacturing innovative, quality pet supplies since 1996. About 80% of their products like dog chews, treats, and bully sticks are manufactured right on site. Choose from tasty treats like peanut butter filled knuckles, hooves, and bones. Dogs love to chew on anything, so we try to make it interesting by producing a variety of chews like pig snouts, beef tendons, filled hooves, and beef lung. Bully sticks and rings will keep your dog chewing happily for hours at a time. When ordering from our online pet supply outlet, be sure to notice the size of the treat or chew so that it matches your dog's mouth. Red Barn chews will also help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean. Make sure to provide plenty of fresh water and keep an eye on your dog while he's chomping down. Free shipping and discounted prices will easily bring Red Barn to you!