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BRAND: Simple Solution

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Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Repellent will help you change your pet's undesirable habits. The repellent keeps pets and stray animals away from "forbidden" areas including furniture, rugs, flower gardens, cars, garbage cans and more.This repellent can be used indoors or outdoors to keep pets and stray dogs or cats out of forbidden areas for 12 to 24 hours when applied daily. Excellent for use as a training aid. Use on furniture, rugs, flower gardens, garbage cans and more. Directions For Use: Indoors: To break your pet of undesirable habits (such as sleeping on furniture, rugs, or other forbidden areas of your home): spray the article of furniture, rug, etc. lightly with this product so that the area or object is slightly moistened. Before spraying extensive areas of rugs, fabrics, or plastics, test the effect of this product by first treating a small inconspicuous area. This product may stain or soften some fabrics or plastics. An alternate method to avoid possible damage is to spray a piece of cloth lightly and place it on the object or area in your home to be protected. Repeat daily, or as necessary, until undesirable habit is broken. Outdoors: To prevent your pet, or stray animals, from soiling flower beds, areas of lawn, trees, shrubbery, or evergreens: Spray the edges of flower beds, trunks of trees, the bases of shrubbery and evergreens, patches of lawn, etc., lightly everyday or every other day with this product. Stray animals are frequently attracted to areas where urine or feces have been deposited. First, remove any droppings, then spray the spot with this masking odor. Re-apply as often as necessary until undesirable habits of your pet or stray animals are changed. Note: This product is not likely to break the established urination patterns of dogs, unless used as a training aid.

Active Ingredients: Methyl nonyl ketone: 1.9% Related compounds: 0.1% Inert Ingredients: 98%