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Habitrail OVO Studio Hamster Habitat Home

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BRAND: Habitrail
SKU 62615
UPC 080605626157

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Trendy cage design which is easy to clean.A convient all in one box to get you starter with your new hamster. Includes: Cage with opaque white bottom, orange retractable roof, orange wheel, stairs, feeding bowl, turqoise water bottle, 1x Mini Maze, 1x Min maze chewable maze, 2x Tees, 3 Elboes, 2x Cubes, 4x Curves, 1x U-Turn, 7x Windows, 15x Lock Connectors.

  1. AWESOME Review by A
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    We originally bought the solid blue habitrail ovo home with the wheel attached on the outside. My hammies decided to live in the wheel causing a huge mess daily by moving all their food and bedding into the wheel then running on it. I ordered this as an addition to their original home, using it to replace the wheel. Best decision EVER! My hammies love it, my son loves that he can watch them run around in the tunnels and I LOVE that I don't wake up to food and bedding flung all over my house anymore! Great product, cool design, overall good buy! (Posted on 3/16/14)

  2. looks bigger in the picture Review by hamster lady
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    I've owned alot of hamsters in my time and this cage is the cleanest and quitest I've ever seen. I love that it is all enclosed and the wheel is inside which makes it much quiter at night. I did think the cage looked bigger in the picture and I wish there was more room in the main area. The only other thing wrong with mine is the water bottle leaks and I can't seem to find a replacement. I would recommend this product to my friends. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  3. Ovo cages are the BEST!! Review by I love animals
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    This is a great choice if your just starting out with a new hamster, gerbil or any kind of small pet. Some pet stores have stopped caring these types of cages ...I don't know why? But I recommend them if you don't already have one. You wont be disappointed!! Yes it will take a while to get it assembled but its worth it. I have a mouse and let me tell you that they stink but after i got this cage even after 5 days i cant smell a thing the smell stays inside the cage im not telling you to wait 2 weeks to clean your cage should clean it once a week and change your pets water at least 3 times a week so fungus wont grow in your pets water. Have fun with your cage!! (Posted on 3/10/11)

  4. very satisfied Review by Mom who likes things to be clean
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    We got this for our son's Syrian Hamster. He put it together in about 30 minutes. I had picked it out online not knowing for sure how large it was - just going by reviews that it would be good for the larger hamster. I was surprised and very pleased by it's roominess. The hamster took to it right away.

    I am especially happy for several reasons: 1. The food is at the top of a few steps which she stands on to eat. She doesn't get into her food like she could in her other home. 2. The water is it's own separate area from the food area and is easy to refill. 3. The access is convenient when we want to get her out. 4. Easy to clean, easy to see when it needs cleaning. Also, it contains the bedding and everything else so that it's not scattered on the tabletop or floor. 5. It creates a more interesting environment than the two story aquarium style habitat we had, and occupies the same footprint. 6. It is secure.

    This habitat has really improved our interaction with this little animal making her more a part of our family. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  5. Amazing! Review by Trina
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    Purchased for my 13 year old daughter's dwarf hamster. She says it's "Amazing" and enjoyed putting it together herself. The dwarf can't climb up the tubes when they are vertical, But we laid them down and she loves to run through them. She is definitely getting more exercise in this than in the old Habitrail. Plus, the OVO is much more durable. It has rubber gaskets at the connectu\ions, rather than the small hard plastic pieces that break easily on the old Habitrail. It's easy to see inside the cage, but the hamster still has a place to hide. The main unit is also much bigger than it looks in pictures. We're very happy with the purchase. The only downside is price. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  6. Pretty happy with it.... Review by pashari
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    I really liked the way this cage looked. I like that the additions add so much space for the hamster. However, it's sometimes difficult to configure the tubes and stuff as illustrated. Even following the diagram to copy a set-up I had a difficult time getting the ends of the tunnels to match up to the base unit. It also can be a bit time-comsuming to clean if you have a hamster that soils in the tubes. Also, to wash the wheel you need to take the top off which is a pain. We solved this by buying the additional "trainer" wheel as an add-on. We set up the mini-maze as a den/nesting area by not putting in the cardboard insert. I've also attached a little corner tube by the den and put a little bedding in there. Our hamster uses this area to urinate and it's fairly easy to clean on a daily basis - just snap that section off. Our hamster also pushes his soiled bedding into this area. We've also expanded the unit by attaching the regular maze module. Our hamster seems pretty happy in his space and, overall, I'm pleased with the unit. Biggest con would be that it was hard to configure the tubes and add-ons to meet-up at the various points. (Posted on 3/10/11)

  7. Perfect for our Dwarf hamster! Review by New Hamster Owner
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    We purchased this and several attachments & accessories for our son's 8th bday a few weeks ago; it's been a blast! Very easy to use, put together, clean, reconfigure for new tunnels, etc. (although we did help initially). So much easier to work with than the Habitrail from my childhood. This size works well for our dwarf hamster (Winter White) -- there is a special OVO for the small hamsters, but this has worked perfectly - I can't imagine it being any smaller (except maybe for the Robo). Overall, we are very happy with our purchase - and so is our hamster! (Posted on 3/10/11)

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