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Smokehouse USA Porky Pizzle Twists 10 pk Resealable Bag

BRAND: Smokehouse
SKU 85454-3
UPC 078565854543

In stock

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Smokehouse Porky Pizzle Twists 10 pk is a 100% natural chew with no added colorings, preservatives, chemicals or salt. Your dog will love the fun wavy shape which can help to remove plaque build-up and satisfies the urge to chew. Packed in a resealable bag for long-lasting freshness.

Great for small dogs and made in the USA

  1. Favorite Treat Review by Marianne
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    We have a little toy poodle and these Porky Pizzle twists are her very treat. She gobbles them right! Thank goodness we can order in Bulk from Value Pet Supplies, and they ship so quickly! Lifesavers! Don't ever stop carrying them! Thank you (Posted on 8/21/14)

  2. Keeps them busy Review by Patricia
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    My maltese didn't go wild for these. It was their first pizzles. It did keep them busy for a while, so that's a GOOD thing! I'm not sure if they will eat them all though. My kids are pretty picky. (Posted on 8/20/14)

  3. Pork Pizzle Twists Review by Marla
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    Excellent! Beyond Excellent!
    My sister and I have been buying the twists through another store and recently they discontinued this certain twist. I went shopping right away for more and came across you. Excited placed an order and it was at my front door within the week. Super pleased with twists (better then the others). The girls are Happy, Rizzo a Britney and Sofe a Schnauzer and my sister & I were extremely HAPPY. Placed another order today, No more driving to find them, just sit in my easy hair and place order.
    Thank You Very Muchly, Marla (Sofe) and sister Kaye (Rizzo) (Posted on 8/4/14)

  4. Excellent Review by Ann
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    They arrived this Saturday ... packaged beautifully and just

    in time for Rosie as she was out of the porky pizzles she loves.

    Thank you so much ... I'll be back again.

    Ann Durino (Posted on 7/28/14)

  5. Pizzle treats Review by carolyn
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    Both my dogs beg for these! They absolutely love them. I think they would eat all of them if they could reach them on their own!

    Will be ordering more for sure! (Posted on 7/24/14)

  6. GREAT PRICE AND QUICK SHIPPING...the dogs love theses Review by Judy
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    I have three and I said three chihuahuas... and they love the Smokehouse Pizzle Twists. We were having a hard time finding them not any longer. As for the price it's awesome. (Posted on 7/21/14)

  7. Rocky was really pleased and thoroughly enjoys his new treats Review by Rocky's Mom
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    Rocky was so happy to get his new treats, He has learned that he needs one every night and puts on a great performance till he gets it. He loves them. (Posted on 7/4/14)

  8. Picky Dog eat them Review by Linda Linford
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    My sweet dog Pandy is a very picky eater who also has allergies. So when I find a healthy treat she like and she can eat, I'm very happy.
    Good price and great service for an all natural treat, what more could you ask? (Posted on 3/18/14)

  9. Outstanding Product Review by Chihuahuamama
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    Product Smokehouse USA Porky Pizzle Twists 120 pk (12x10ct bag)

    My 2 chihuahuas love these. They anxiously wait every night for their treat. My little girl chi even does her "little dance" for hers and my little boy chi whines for his. Thanks for making a product that they love so much. (Posted on 3/4/14)

  10. 3 small dogs love these! Review by Gita
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    I have three small dogs and this is what keeps them occupied at bedtime. They love these very much. They are refusing bully sticks in favour of these. (Posted on 2/27/14)

  11. Cannot go a day without! Review by philly
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    My boxer loves these treats. He has had one everyday for past 3 years (except weekends). When I crackle the bag he runs to his crate and knows what's coming. (Posted on 2/25/14)

  12. Great Price! Review by Helen
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    Product Smokehouse USA Porky Pizzle Twists 120 pk (12x10ct bag)

    So happy with these Smokehouse prizzle twists....My puppy who weighs 9 lbs. just love love it!!!! (Posted on 2/23/14)

  13. My dogs love these! Review by Suzie
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    I first discovered the pork pizzle sticks at tj maxx or one of those stores. I have 2 dogs and they're very spoiled so they've become very picky with their treats and chewies. I never know if they're going to like what I've brought home for them. Well, they can't get enough of these and I can't find them in stores. I looked online and found them on this site for even cheaper than the discount store I originally discovered them in.

    My dogs are 13 to 16 pounds and it doesn't take them long to get through one but at least it keeps them busy for about 10 min and they really enjoy it. I highly recommend these. (Posted on 1/12/14)

  14. Fast Delivery Review by Dor
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    My dog loves the pork puzzler. Great service fast delivery. (Posted on 12/31/13)

  15. Made in USA and TASTY! Review by bsherida
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    I will only buy treats made in USA for my Morkie and I just recently tried these. He LOVES them! The are not messy at all and they did not mess with his digestive tract. This will absolutely be a re-order!! (Posted on 11/22/13)

  16. Perfect treat for smaller dogs! Review by Alexis NYC
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    My two 19-lb dogs LOVE these chewable treats.

    I usually allow them to choose between 3-4 different types of pizzles/bully sticks and they choose this one most of the time.

    The size is perfect for smaller dogs since they can actually finish one! The same can't be said for larger bully sticks and flossies.

    (Posted on 11/18/13)

  17. Pizzle Twists Review by joy
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    Product Smokehouse USA Porky Pizzle Twists 120 pk (12x10ct bag)

    My Schnauzer loves these as a change to beef or chicken. (Posted on 10/30/13)

  18. love em Review by ange
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    My 2 small dogs love these. Glad I found them on your site. (Posted on 9/14/13)

  19. Good Product Review by punkin
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    Our chihuahuas love these. They have to have one every night as a treat. Good healthy treat. (Posted on 8/24/13)

  20. My dogs love them! Review by Jaime
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    They are a great treat for dogs! (Posted on 6/27/13)

  21. great but small Review by kandr
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    Quick bite, not long chew for labs. But they love them! (Posted on 6/9/13)

  22. Love Review by steven
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    Dogs just love them that's it, (Posted on 6/2/13)

  23. Great product; good price Review by TerryC
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    Our Yorkies love these treats. They are a good size for smaller dogs. They have very little odor and don't stain our rugs.
    Supervise your dog, as they tend to like them so much that sometimes they forget to chew them! (Posted on 5/31/13)

  24. great for small dogs or lighter chewers Review by reikidog
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    Great price on a super product - I can cut these into thirds or halves for my maltese and she loves them. They don't last long at all w/ my labradoodle, but she does think they're tasty. Love the ziploc-style bag. THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/29/13)

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