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BRAND: ValuePad

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Avoid Wee Floor Stains And Odors - Try Our Absorbent Puppy Pads!

  • Our ValuePad brand puppy pads are ideal for puppy pad training puppies or incontinent dogs.
  • These puppy pads absorb well for effortless disposal, and won't get caught on your pet's nails.
  • People protect hospital bedding with these fresh training pads.
  • 1st run regular training pads with Polypropylene facing.
  • Color: White And Blue
  • Size tolerance: Width 27.5-28IN, Length 29.5-30IN

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ValuePad Puppy Pad Product Guide
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Small Puppies; Protecting Small Surfaces from Light Use
Small to Medium Dogs; Cat Box Floor Protection
Medium Dogs; Cat Box Floor Protection
Medium Dogs; Bedding Sanitation
Medium / Large Dogs; Multiple Dogs; Bedding Protection
Large Dogs; Multiple Dogs; Large Areas; Full Bedding Sanitation