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BRAND: Vet's Best

SKU: 3165810137-12PK-MC
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Vet's Best Comfort Calm in Bulk

Is your dog more nervous than most?

Well, if you dog is super nervous, you may want to buy Vet's Best Comfort Calm tablets in this bulk package to save even more.

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Vet's Best has the right tablets for dogs who are prone to varying levels of stress, anxiety and nervousness depending on their immediate environment. Vet's Best Comfort Calm tablets help your dog relax during stressful moments. The effective calming formula contains natural calming ingredients that reduce tension and anxiety resulting from stressful activities and from high-decibel noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. It promotes relaxation without inducing drowsiness, too. Vet's Best Comfort Calm comes in a chewable tablet form and contains tryptophan, a highly effective natural ingredient that reduces stress and anxiety of motion, noise, and travel. It also contains valerian root and chamomile. Greeks in ancient times used valerian root to cure nervousness and sleeplessness.

Features & Benefits:
  • No adverse side-effects
  • Natural formula including tryptophan, valerian root, and chamomile
  • Won't make dog drowsy
  • 360 ct (12 x 30 ct) package