The Vault - Unlocking Unbeatable Discounts for Pet Treat Resellers!

For pet treat resellers seeking the ultimate edge in the market, ValuePetSupplies has two exceptional programs in store: our longstanding Wholesale Discount Program and the groundbreaking new initiative, "The Vault." While both programs offer fantastic savings on larger orders, "The Vault" takes it to an entirely new level.

Wholesale: A Foundation of Savings

We understand that as a pet treat reseller, competitive pricing is key to your success. Our Wholesale Program was built upon the cornerstone of offering premium quality treats in larger quantities with an easy purchase processing. Whether that means affordably supplying a pet rescue or enhancing the profit margins for a reseller, buying bulk bully sticks, collagen chews and other natural treats is as easy as filling your cart and checking out.

Introducing "The Vault": Enhanced Savings, Elevated Branding

"The Vault" builds upon the foundation laid by our Wholesale Program and takes it several steps further. "The Vault" hurdles over the competitive pricing on volume orders we are able to offer every day with customized discounts that push the boundaries of savings even further. Resellers who transition to "The Vault" will unlock exclusive discounts that redefine what's possible in the pet treat market.

Custom Labeling, Custom Printed Bags, - Build Your Brand

Custom Packaging: The Game-Changing Difference

While both programs focus on providing unbeatable savings, "The Vault" introduces a game-changing feature: custom packaging. This empowers resellers to elevate their brand image by offering treats packaged in bags either labeled or custom printed with their unique logo, graphics, and messaging. Branding is everything and unique packaging offers resellers a distinct edge in establishing and reinforcing their identity. Whether you're looking to establish a new brand or elevate an existing one, "The Vault" provides the canvas for your vision to come to life.

Flexibility Tailored to You

Both our Wholesale Program and "The Vault" recognize that every reseller is unique. They cater to diverse preferences, offering a range of options to suit individual needs.From selecting the size and type of treats to choosing the labeling and design for your packaging, you have the flexibility to create a product that aligns perfectly with your brand vision. ValuePetSupplies has the selection and the bandwidth to ensure you are able to create and cater to a loyal customer base.

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Quality Assurance, Every Step of the Way

Whether you choose to resell through our Wholesale Program or "The Vault," you can rest assured that you're providing your customers with a product they can trust. Since 2004, ValuePetSupplies has prioritized treats that not only taste great but also prioritize the health and well-being of pets. Every product we make is carefully sourced and hand-inspected to meet the highest standards and our 5-star customer service team is there to support you from start to finish.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Success with "The Vault"

Both our Wholesale Discount Program and "The Vault" at ValuePetSupplies are designed to empower pet treat resellers to thrive in a competitive market. While our Wholesale Program provides exceptional savings on larger orders, "The Vault" elevates the game with enhanced discounts and custom packaging options. It's the program that not only offers unbeatable pricing but also allows you to build a brand that truly stands out. Unlock "The Vault" and and find out what we can do for your brand today.