Exo Terra Plantation Soil, 8 Quart, 3 Count, 4 Pack

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Features & Benefits:
  • In the wild, reptiles burrow to hide, sleep and relieve stress. Exo Terra Substrate is all natural and provides perfect coverage.
  • A vital part of keeping the microclimate in your pet's terrarium balanced and provides nutrition to live plants
  • Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups and perfect for humidity-loving reptiles
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants

Exo Terra Plantation Soil is made from compressed coconut husk fibre from the plantations of tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals. The substrate can also be used as an incubation medium because of its hygroscopic properties. This 100% natural substrate can even be used as a nutritional planting soil for live plants in a terrarium set-up.

- 100% natural substrate - Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups, - Increases humidity in terrariums - Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior - Nutritional substrate for live plants

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Andrews

The product is great but charging $26.48 for one 3-pack of coco fiber is ridiculous. Especially during Black Friday. No, I don't feel this purchase was a good value which is why I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase coco fiber from this retailer.

great product, but miss leading

works great for most animals, my snakes and spiders love it...but despite what description says, it has no nutritional value for plants, only water retention properties. aside from that, its a great product!

Best coco fiber on the markt. My frogs love it.

Easy to prepare great price. Fast shipping.
Value Pet Supply has the best price for this product.

Cheaper than 3 pack and pet stores

I use this for 2 tanks and it is way better getting a top product cheap and having a lot of it. It's ideal for burrowing animals and my plants do fantastic in this as well. Smells nice and is great. Worth your buy

Fast Shipping and best deal
The Eco Earth came very fast and was packaged very well!

I had been buying the Eco Earth from a local Petco for months. It was $10 for a 3 pack. Here I got 18 bricks (6 3-packs) for around $21. I will be buying my substrate from here every time now.


inexpensive, easy to use, fast shipping

Great deal!

I have several tanks that I am redoing and was searching for a good substrate for the geckos and frogs.
Great price and quick delivery.
Will buy again.