Fluval A237 306, 406 Bio-Foam 2 piece Filter Media -

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Features & Benefits:
  • Designed for Fluval aquarium canister filters
  • Performs exceptional mechanical & biological filtration
  • Dense structure is very effective at trapping small particles
  • Encourages the growth of helpful nitrifying bacteria & helps create clear & healthy water for fish & plants to thrive
  • Crucial for efficient biological filtration

Fluval Bio-Foam combines mechanical and biological filtration. Its porous structure increases surface area for the growth of helpful nitrifying bacteria. In addition, it traps small particles that are not retained by the first stage of foam filtration.

Features include:
  • Enhances biological filtration
  • Effectively captures small particles and debris
  • For freshwater and marine environments

Product Benefits:
  • Numerous grooves maximize the surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization.
  • Adds a second layer of mechanical filtration.

A237 includes:

2 smaller Bio-Foam pieces to fit within the compartments of the bottom basket of Fluval Canister Filters 304, 305, 306, 404, 405 & 406.