Fluval Biomax Filter Media, 500 gram, 17.63 Ounce, 6 Pack -

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Keep your aquarium clean and healthy by growing beneficial bacteria with Fluval Biomax Bio Rings Filter Media. One of the most important ways to maintain good water quality and keep your fish thriving is seeding your aquarium with good bacteria. This bacteria breaks down harmful ammonia from fish waste and other organic matter and starts the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Fluval Biomax Bio Rings Filter Media have a complex pore system creating an optimal environment where this beneficial bacteria can thrive. These small, cylindrical filter media have more capacity than most biological filter media, allowing aquarium water to have optimal contact time for efficient biological filtration that reduces and controls ammonia.
  • Biological filter media keeps aquarium clean and healthy, maintains good water quality, and keeps fish thriving
  • Complex pore system create optimal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive
  • More capacity than most biological filter media
  • Allow ideal water movement throughout the media
  • Reduces and controls harmful ammonia and nitrate